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Cyber Security has become more important than ever and threat intelligence plays a vital role in terms of fight against the cyber-threats. As a result of this many organizations have ensured that threat-intelligence oversees a key part of their security operations.

Importance of Threat Intelligence:

It is not just a “nice-to-have” capability at organizations anymore; it has become a vital part of robust cyber security programs. A large majority of respondents (77%) said threat-intelligence is very to extremely important to their organizations’ security posture. Only 8% report threat-intelligence is not important.

Organizations are leveraging their cyber threat intelligence data for a number of use cases. Easily the most common use case is detecting threats and attacks, cited by 58% of the respondents. Other uses include incident response (49%). vulnerability management (45%). blocking threats (44%), blocking malicious domains or IP addresses at egress points such as firewalls and threat intelligence gateways (43%).

These stats on their own signify the importance of including the threat intelligence in your organization. This Whitepaper enlists the key findings of the 2018 from the Threat perspective and offers insights to tackle them.

Why This Report?

Among the key findings of the report are that organizations are leveraging threat intelligence data for a number of use cases, and many rate themselves fairly competent in their use of threat intelligence to identify and remediate cyber threats.

The most common benefits of cyber-threat intelligence platforms include better threat analysis, faster detection and response, more efficient security operations, and better visibility into threats.

Organizations are going to need these tools as they face cyber threats such as phishing, zero-day attacks, insider attacks, advanced persistent threats, and malware, and deal with challenges including the detection of advanced threats, gaining full visibility into all assets and vulnerabilities, and the lack of advanced security staff.

Download this report to understand how the industries are tackling the Threats against their organization to formulate your threat prevention strategy.

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