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Ovum Analyst Report: Security In The Cloud

Office 365 is Microsoft‘s most strategic API, but to realize the potential of the platform, Microsoft and its

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According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Office 365 is Microsoft’s most strategic API. But to realize the potential of this business collaboration platform, Microsoft and its partners have to convince business and IT leaders that it offers levels of cloud security, privacy, and compliance that are equal to or higher than those of their existing on-premise solutions. Even though a high percentage of enterprises are adopting cloud storage and compute within their businesses, the adoption of cloud security-based content and collaboration products is by no means universal. Concerns relating to governance, risk, and compliance with regard to cloud services are understandable, but it is not unusual to find them overstated.

All clouds are not created equal, meaning that the quality of service and support can differ from provider to provider and from region to region. However, the overarching challenge for the industry is still trust, and improving trust will mean business decision-makers are more likely to embrace the benefits of cloud computing, such as lower costs, improved scalability, reduced deployment times, and, somewhat ironically, improved information security management.

Functionality and ease of use are very important from the perspective of the end user when it comes to using services such as Office 365, but organizations need to be confident that cloud security service providers such as Microsoft have good governance of the processing of personal and corporate data. Although things are improving, verifying that good governance is in place is still not as easy as it might be.

Security concerns are an important consideration for organizations as they contemplate moving productivity and collaboration applications to the cloud security, yet these often overshadow the opportunities that might come from such a move. It is vital, therefore, that business and IT decision-makers have confidence in Microsoft as they consider adopting Office 365, and that Microsoft, in turn, meets expectations related to the processing and management of data when it comes to security, privacy, and compliance.

In this report you will learn about:

  • Why “global at the core”is a necessity for multinational organisation
  • Guidance on how to implement cloud-based services
  • How Office 365 addresses these concerns for enterprise businesses