The need for integrating DevOps in Mainframe

The need for integrating DevOps in Mainframe

The Application life cycles are getting changed with the every passing day and organizations are switching towards integrating

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The Application life cycles are getting changed with the every passing day and organizations are switching towards integrating different sectors in order to keep up with the demands of modern day business requirements. One of the most important aspects of this revolution is the inherent need of the organizations to integrate DevOps in Mainframe.

Organizations are moving towards the integrating DevOps in the Mainframe with the tremendous transformation in the technology. But, most of the Development or Operation professionals are bit confused with their role in the Mainframe DevOps.

The purpose of this blog is to understand the need for integrating DevOps in Mainframe and the key benefits of the same.

The Need of Integrating DevOps in Mainframe

Ease of sharing KPIs

Progress, Success, and failures which are considered as the Key Performance Indicators as they explain the quality of the work and help us understand the impact of the same on other departments.

With the integration of DevOps in Mainframe sharing of KPIs becomes easier and it also helps organizations to understand the impact and the gravity of the same in advance.

Minimization in feedback loops

The development teams rely on the performance quality and with the integration into the mainframe, these teams can understand the loopholes easily and minimize the feedback loops and thereby improving the productivity.

Better performance outputs

Operations teams understand the impact of code on performance, and with the integration of DevOps in the mainframe environment the operations team can understand and rectify the issues with ease which in turn leads to better performance outputs.

Improved Inter-departmental Collaboration

The integration can bring the different teams working on various platforms together, and this collaboration can improve the inter-departmental communications and bridge the gap between them and thereby improving the overall productivity.

Ease of Testing

Integration of DevOps and Mainframe helps the developers to understand the flaws or shortcomings and makes the testing of the codes much easier and that naturally leads to time-saving.

Integration of mutually beneficial tools

The Development teams and Mainframe operations teams while working in sync with each other can agree on the common tools which can be utilized for their benefits. And they can find out a way which will help them find a common program which can help the teams to decide the performance indicators with the utmost ease and will clarify the task of evaluating the performance.

Continuous Learning Process

With the integration of Mainframe in DevOps operations professionals are getting involved with the day-to-day activities of development teams and having the clear idea about the ongoing work of Development professionals and putting in their valuable insights.

This has helped both the teams in understanding the exact direction in which the projects are moving by virtue of improved knowledge transfer and improving the knowledge-base of individuals.

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