Pay-Per Click or SEO? Which is Good for Lead Generation?

Pay-Per Click or SEO? Which is Good for Lead Generation?

The achievement of an online business prominently depends on the volume of traffic it can produce for its

Published By - Debra Bruce

It’s been understood earlier, but it accepts restating: SEO Traffic is the vital spark of any online business. The achievement of an online business prominently depends on the volume of traffic it can produce for its pages. This is an unquestionable fact.

SEO and PPC, are the most powerful traffic generating practices. SEO positions for search engine optimization. PPC positions for pay per click. Though their end objective is the same, there are unlike concepts that involve unique techniques and methodologies.

Both are current approaches to driving visitors to a website, but one technique can work very well for certain situations, while with other, you may meet complications producing traffic in the same case.

To prosper with either method or with together, marketers should know their strong point and boundaries so they can be pragmatic under optimal conditions.

Here’s a question I asked: Which is better: Pay Per Click or SEO for the Lead Generation?

My answer is continuously the same – if you can successfully generate website traffic with both, it’s finest to do equally to produce maximum profits. But you should also preserve in mind that free search engines and paid search engines are unique ways.

Let’s look a little bottomless, so you understand the pros and cons of the search engines (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click optimization on paid search engines (PPC).

When is it Best to Use SEO?

SEO denotes a group of practices that are expected to push a website to the first page of the search engines. SEO is very significant for online businesses, as information showing that 80% of the traffic can be made for any website will come from the search engines.

The biggest search engine is unquestionably Google, which gathers more than 3.5 billion searches per day; hence, most SEO target this particular search engine.

So, when should you practice SEO techniques above PPC? Below are some situations when SEO would show highly appreciated for an online business:

When reliable results are desired:

SEO has a moderately extended development cycle. Getting to the top of search engine won’t happen instantly or even in a week. Getting to the highest of the SERPs will take time. Once your website gets there, you will enjoy continued traffic. Also, if you save up with your SEO campaign, operational to maintain and increase results, you can halt on top for a long time and gain long-term benefits.

When you wish to shape an expert site:

An expert website is a well-known source centre for a particular position. An expert website once gets going, will be capable of producing lots of traffic built on URL alone. The most delicate way to start an expert website is by sustainably generating traffic on your pages, ultimately building up a status until it becomes familiar enough to dominate its market.

When you want to add the worth of your website:

A website is like virtual real estates. If you’re scheduling to sell your website for a premium price, you have to raise its value. Many features can add to increase its value. Among them is a volume of traffic generated, steadiness of traffic generated, page rank, link approval, etc. All of these fall into the SEO.

Keep in mind that SEO isn’t “Free Clicks”. It’s an unusual amount of work in making and promoting content which takes a great pact of time and money.

When is it Finest to use PPC?

Pay-per-click marketing is a technique of marketing on search engine pages. You bid to have your ads perform in the supported results when someone types in a request including your keywords.

Why is it termed “pay per click”? Because you have to pay for every consumer who clicks on the ad you are endorsing. Popular PPC marketing platforms include Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook’s advertising platform.

Why is PPC abundant for Lead Generation?

If you consider your lead funnel, it won’t take long to understand you need to keep satisfying the pipe full of leads.


At first leads drive into the top of the funnel, then work their way down to ultimate conversion. The task is getting the first leads to feedstuff the top of the pipe. Let’s look at the methods this may be accomplished and why PPC is an exceptional source of leads:

Blogging: This can be a good foundation of leads, but you need to regularly publish new content, hope your blog posts get public a lot and have a lot of blog subscribers.

Email: You can frequently email your current subscribers, or you can lease or buy a list of email addresses and hope you’re aiming great new leads for your business.

Social media: This can get new groups and fans and uncover you to new visions. However, it doesn’t mean those groups are in your target market or need your product or service.

Organic search: Organic ranking is at the top of the mountain. Roughly 85% of search clicks come from organic listings. The only problem is you’re challenging with thousands of others for those positions, and you’ve got to do a lot of on- and off-page SEO work.

PPC: You can promptly look on page one and be in front of people who are examining for your solution to their problem. More people are aware of you and what you have to bid than before.

Yes, PPC is a network you pay for by the click. Do keep in mind, that no marketing network is free. Someone has to accomplish social media, write the blogs, grind with the SEO agency and publish the emails and those people don’t do it for free.

Profits of PPC for Lead Generation:

  • Draw visitors who are seeking for what you offer
  • Accomplish instant keyword rankings and traffic
  • Bid on numerous stages of the funnel
  • Regulate the message for each funnel stage
  • See what people are seeking for and design your message to their needs
  • Recognize more about your leads and their performance
  • Cultivate your database of leads and market to them with other means

So, by the above scenario, we get the point that these are some circumstances when you might have a liking toward one marketing method or the other. I trust one shouldn’t be thinking concerning SEO vs. PPC – but should fall for the PPC instead of putting all your efforts into the SEO. PPC creates a good and a broad impact on your online business.