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Convergys Corporation – Customer Success Story

Convergys partners with its clients to improve customer loyalty, reduce costs, and generate revenue through an extensive portfolio

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Convergys delivers consistent, quality customer experiences in 58 languages and from more than 150 locations around the globe. Even more, the company partners with its clients to improve customer loyalty, reduce costs, and generate revenue through an extensive portfolio of capabilities, including customer care, analytics, tech support, collections, home agent, and endto-end selling. Finally, Convergys has some 130,000 employees in 31 countries around the world.


Convergys aimed to meet business challenges that included:

  • Reduce services turn-on time for business units
  • Accelerate computing environment
  • provisioning while improving consistency across environments and reducing process errors
  • Allow IT resources to focus on higher priority engineering projects


Convergys utilized Server Automation, Network Automation, Cloud Service Automation, and Operations Orchestration to automate server builds and achieve faster provisioning.


Using Micro Focus Server Automation enabled Convergys to:

  • Rapidly deploy computing infrastructure for faster turn-on of customer call center services
  • Automate server builds at the company’s global data centers to reduce delivery time of new servers from an average of two weeks to less than one day
  • Reduce rework by applying standards compliance at build time Ensure all servers for a particular purpose are identical
  • Ensure consistent server naming
  • Efficiently allocate storage to maintain adequate overhead quotas
  • Embed detailed, consistent build notes in all tracking tools
  • Eliminate orphaned entries in IPAM and DNS repositories
  • Eliminate manual handoffs across globally distributed IT teams
  • Reclaim IT resources for focus on higherpriority engineering projects
  • Reduce outages caused by provisioning inconsistencies
  • Enhance competitive advantage with speed to market

Additional benefits to Convergys Customer include:

The solution increases reclamation of resources at decommissioning and provides an improved documentation trail
The solution also provides a mechanism for calendar limited environments for nonproduction purposes such as development, special projects or other limited-life efforts The bulk of the provisioning process has already been automated, and with completion of the final steps, the Convergys IT team expects the entire endto-end provisioning process to complete in under 1-2 hours

The project was undertaken and completed in eight months with a minimal IT staff of two Convergys employees and at an estimated cost savings of 50 percent (as compared to outsourcing the project). Critical to success certainly was seamless drop-in of the solution into a running, live environment of 7,000+ servers, existing defined standards and numerous unchangeable manual processes. First of all the initial phase of the project automates server provisioning in one data center (in support of call centers), and furthermore, the second phase expands automation across all enterprise server environments.

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