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Protecting the Extended Perimeter with Global protect Cloud Service

Don’t make the mistake of inadequately protecting your remote networks and mobile users.

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Delivering security with operational efficiency from the cloud

Underlying Security Issues

In light of the growing number and severity of cyberattacks, IT teams are undertaking enormous effort to strengthen perimeter security measures at headquarters, where the company’s people and resources are typically concentrated. These efforts typically involve improving traffic visibility, as well as deploying measures to stop known and unknown exploits and malware. Security teams look for ways to improve their optics into network traffic to understand and mitigate the threat footprint.

With the effort spent to improve security at headquarters, why would any organization do anything less for remote networks or mobile users? High standards for security should be applicable everywhere. These users are no different from the employees at HQ, and they are exposed to the same types of risks. Yet there are many examples of cost, performance and security requirements being in conflict.

Your Perimeter Is Everywhere

The world you need to secure is undergoing tremendous transformation. Global expansion, mobile workforces and cloud computing are shifting the location of your applications, data and users. These changes introduce new opportunities for business, but they also create a set of cybersecurity risks.

These tectonic shifts in location strain an organization’s ability to protect data and stop threats consistently. The mandate for security has not changed, but the ability to deliver protection at each location is at a crossroads. Many organizations, faced with the rising costs of extending the perimeter using conventional methods, are left with few other choices. These consequences place organizations at risk. It is important to understand where the risks lie to evaluate what must be done to bring security back into balance.

Key Global Protect cloud service benefits:

  • Secures the expanded perimeter without compromising security.
  • Consolidates administration and management across the entire organization, driving operational efficiency.
  • Reduces Capex by switching to a predictable Opex model.
  • Maintains consistent security and full inspection of traffic for all locations and users.
  • Works seamlessly alongside your existing physical and virtual firewalls.
  • Easily add and remove coverage by provisioning firewalls in the cloud.

Why do you need this report?

Don’t make the mistake of inadequately protecting your remote networks and mobile users. If security is your priority, it must cover every corner of your organization in the same manner. GlobalProtect cloud service makes it simple to deliver the necessary security to prevent attacks on your remote networks and mobile users. It is the only offering that provides the convenience of cloud-deployed firewalls that work hand in hand with management for perimeter and data center firewalls, making it possible to secure your entire network using a common management framework across all PAN-OS firewalls. It makes administration easy, allowing your team to zero in on critical issues more quickly. It reduces capital expenditure through predictable operational expenses. These capabilities streamline the work of your security team, allowing them to stay focused on the big picture for protecting your organization.

Download this report on Global protect Cloud Service and extend your security perimeter.

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