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As a creative leader, your job involves a lot more than bringing concepts to life. You’ve got a

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Three ways the right image stock service can accelerate creativity.

As a creative leader, your job involves a lot more than bringing concepts to life. You’ve got a team to manage, and a pile of clients to keep happy. You’ve got content to ideate, assets to build, and campaigns to manage— and it all needs to be delivered on time and on brand image. Ideally, your team would concept and shoot every asset to perfectly merge imagery and message for every deliverable. But business deadlines and budgets don’t always allow time for careful creativity—and 62 percent of creative marketers say creating original imagery requires time and effort their team can’t afford.

That’s when finding the right image for a project becomes a challenge. The image has to be specific enough to fit the needs of the project. It must be high quality enough to translate well across all channels and devices. It needs to keep pace with business demands across every channel. And it must do all of this while adhering to creative guidelines and staying true to brand. It’s a tall order—and a familiar challenge to enterprise-level in-house creative teams. Here are three ways the right stock service can help you meet both your creative and business needs.

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In-house creative teams are known for doing whatever it takes to get the job done. In fact, creative leaders identified brand knowledge, high-end creative quality, and speed/cycle time as their top three value drivers from the clients’ perspective. But that consistent, gritty productivity doesn’t come without its roadblocks and frustrations. From sifting through low-resolution, low-quality watermarked images to finding stock photos with the right composition, color, or layout, it’s easy for your team to get bogged down in manual processes.

In fact, creative teams spend 57 percent of their project time on design production in 2016.3 Budget is another concern. While visual marketing budgets continue to increase, 4 out of 10 creative leaders say their non-personnel budget is still inadequate, and 68 percent say stock imagery is one of the biggest ways that budget is used. 4 Those constraints make it even more important to efficiently source quality stock images that work hard for your team.

With the right stock service, your team can quickly find images that fit the bill—and the brand. The ability to find images quickly and track usage to avoid reuses and repurchases will keep your team focused less on process and more on delivering great experiences.

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