Full stack Web performance

Full stack Web performance

We are in the midst of another tidal change in the software engineering and IT industries. This has

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We are in the midst of another tidal change in the software engineering and IT industries. This has been going on for a number of years already, but like the frog in the pot that doesn’t notice the water slowly beginning to boil around him, some of us might not have noticed the transitions in our environment. We’ve overlooked these web transitions because there have been many smaller ones that we just adjusted to, that accumulated to be a big significant change. Or maybe it’s just that the ideas behind these changes have been talked about for quite some time, but it’s only relatively recently that they have coalesced into actionable patterns that are easy to implement and reproduce.

There are many performance testing tools on the market, from browser-integrated tools like YSlow, or free web applications like WebPageTest, to full enterprise solutions. My personal favorite web performance testing tool is WebPageTest You can use the hosted site as is, or, if you want, you can download the project and run it
on-premises using so-called private instances, so that you can use it to test your preproduction environments that are usually not publicly accessible.

Companies are moving from large physical data-centers to cloud platforms. DevOps encapsulates different things to different groups. Some interpret it as an integrating of traditional infrastructure or Ops roles into a development team, whereas others bundle security in there and call it DevSecOps. Maybe some groups have different interpretations of what Ops means, defining it as incorporating not just infrastructure but also production support roles. As such, this book is for anyone who needs to think about and deal with performance in a DevOps environment. From web developer, to DevOps engineer, to engineering manager and architect, this book is intended for you. This book has set out to address how web performance fits into this modern landscape of the all-encompassing cross-functional DevOps team.

You’ll find the topics organized into three high-level areas of focus in a product development group:

  • Client-side
  • Infrastructure
  • Operations

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