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How to Choose the Right IP Phone for Your Business

The capabilities and desirability of IP Phones has grown rapidly in the past few years as exciting new

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The title of this paper is somewhat of a simplification. If you are running a business of any appreciable size, you would not be choosing an IP phone for your business. You would be choosing several different ones. Phones can range from the most basic to complex designs supporting multiple appearances and a large number of functions. Costs are naturally commensurate with the feature list.

An important part of IP phone selection, therefore, is user analysis. A list should be made of all the persons who are to be provided with the IP phone so managers can determine the usage needs of each individual.

Much has already been written about the selection of IP Phones. There is no point reiterating what has been said before. As such, this paper will turn to the future. It will look at what is happening in the IP phone domain and how users can ensure that they purchase contemporary systems that will not become obsolete shortly after the procurement.

The capabilities and desirability of IP Phones has grown rapidly in the past few years as exciting new features and products have come into the marketplace. With demand for this essential piece of office equipment growing rapidly, it is increasingly important for managers and CEOs to take a deep breath and carefully consider their options when making this important selection. Read our new whitepaper to learn the most important issues you and your team should consider while deciding which VoIP Phone solution is right for you. Important considerations include:

  • Line Appearances
  • High End Features
  • Expansion Options

Ultimately, IP phones come across as very useful devices that go way beyond what analog phones can do, and the capabilities of IP phones have grown substantially over the past few years. It is important to understand how IP phones support different functions in the same business and how an IP phone set up will interact with different communication modes used by the business. The focus is no longer on voice calls alone but on supporting the entire communication needs of various classes of employees. This is where IP phones can add value to a business.

Don’t make an important business decision without the right information. Make your IP Phone selection easy and stress-free!

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