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To succeed in today's competitive markets. Enterprises need to free themselves from the traditional IT infrastructure shackles that

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To succeed in today’s competitive markets. Enterprises need to free themselves from the traditional IT infrastructure shackles that hinder business agility and growth. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service provides) exactly this – on-demand access to IT infrastructure resources in the public cloud. The Oracle Cloud Platform offers a scalable, resilient, next-generation infrastructure, purpose-built or running enterprise workloads.

The days of purchasing hardware and maintaining massive data centers to run IT must come to an end. Managing and maintaining your infrastructure is simply too expensive. A recent Gartner survey found that more than 80 percent of CIOs consider Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to be a viable option and 10 percent of CIOs already consider it to be their default choice for infrastructure. Utilizing an infrastructure with an elastic, pay-as-you-go service model not only reduces costs and worries but also frees IT organizations to innovate in ways that will enhance business growth.

The “cloud” has recently become a part of our modern IT lexicon, and there are many definitions and distinctions of different cloud deployment and service models. To try and cut down a bit on the cloudwashing (a term Gartner uses to refer to the marketing practice of adding the word cloud to practically any technology product or service), let’s keep it simple.

IaaS provides increased speed and agility by offering on-demand, self-service access to servers, storage, and networking resources in the cloud. Developers can get access to infrastructure to run their applications in minutes, and the cloud provides resource elasticity to scale up and down as the needs of the application dictate, providing a significant flexibility that isn’t typically possible in an on-premises environment.

Enterprises need complete solutions that reduce complexity. Oracle offers infrastructure integrated with platform technologies (such as databases, Java, and middleware) to create a seamless customer experience that drives operational efficiencies, and delivers faster innovation.

IaaS for Dummies explains how Oracle offers an unmatched breadth of computing options to suit your needs.

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