Keys to Designing Your Modern Workplace technology

Keys to Designing Your Modern Workplace

Business moves at dizzying speeds. Technology keeps disrupting operations...

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Design your modern workspace to tap into your greatest competitive technology advantage

Your company may transform over the years, but your employees will always remain your strongest asset. The creative ability they bring to their jobs stands out as a unique source of innovation in a way no technological advancement can. With the right tools and room to unleash their creative approaches to their work, true innovation is born.

It takes a holistic approach to create an environment that caters to an employee’s best results while playing to their creative strengths. In fact, your employees’ creativity is your best competitive advantage. Whereas focusing on automated productivity may enhance your business’ ability to perform linear work, business leaders who focus on enhancing creative ability allow their employees to focus on what matters most.

Why creativity matters

73% of workers believe their future financial success depends on their ability to be creative.
69% of workers believe they are not living up to their creative potential.
61% of leaders don’t think their company is creative.

Leading businesses are quickly learning how important it is to improve communication, enhance collaboration, and support creativity in all its forms. With tools like the Surface family of devices, that’s more possible than ever before. It doesn’t stop just at technology. Playing to your employees’ creative strengths takes a holistic approach. To enhance creativity, flexibility, and productivity, the best companies build around these three pillars.
The challenge remains, innovate to match today’s complex challenges or become outpaced. Forward-thinking organizations are updating their business models, organizational structures, cultures, and workspaces to get ahead.
Tools like Surface go a long way toward harnessing the power of your people. Its flexibility perfectly adapts to how people work best, which makes everything easier – from carrying out routine tasks to thinking outside the box.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how Surface and spaces can put your people in the center to focus on what really matters:

  • Stronger communication, inspired collaboration – and innovative thinking
  • Powerful tools that help translate raw data into concrete plans
  • Cutting-edge features that make the most of your time

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