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SAP on Private Cloud

his is now the case for a large portion of SAP‘s application and technology portfolio, as well as

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Next Level Enterprise with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Digital Transformation changes the demands made of IT Infrastructure. Global business models and highly scalable cloud or IoT workloads cannot be run optimally using traditional IT Infrastructure.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) deliver an important building block for the “Next-Generation Infrastructure„ of companies. Indeed, already a huge number of companies especially with more than 500 employees already have Hyperconverged Infrastructure in place.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure has reached a high level of technological maturity in recent years in terms of performance, security and architecture. Current product generations are largely hardware-independent, highly automated and completely “software-defined„, which offers a variety of advantages for users.

The combination of multiple implementation options (hybrid cloud environments, from web enterprise workloads), ease of administration, and low cost are increasingly turning HCI into an all-purpose weapon for businesses.

In this way, companies that use HCI benefit from agile and flexible Infrastructure that support the digital transformation process.

In comparison to the conventional server, storage and network Infrastructure, HCI drastically reduces complexity and administrative effort for IT managers. This is especially true in terms of enterprise workloads and mission-critical applications within complex multi-tier architectures.

While HCI was primarily being used for web workloads up until a few years ago, HCI is now mainly used for the operation of enterprise workloads. SAP applications based on SAP Netweaver, as well as SAP HANA-based workloads and analytics, have become the drivers of HCI usage among businesses.

SAP and HCI pioneer Nutanix have been working together in a strategic partnership for several years to make certified secure and compliant SAP workloads available on HCI.

This is now the case for a large portion of SAP‘s application and technology portfolio, as well as for the “production„ versions of the applications and not just for Test & Dev. This is an important step for SAP users who are looking for agile and automated Infrastructure for next-generation SAP operations.