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How to Sell Marketing Automation to Executives

Join the thousands of sales and marketing professionals who have already secured executive buy-in and are benefiting from

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Modern Marketing is Powered by Marketing Automation

You know that marketing automation is the greatest thing since sliced bread. After all, what else can help your marketers? Sticking to email blasts and spreadsheets will leave you lagging behind the competition. Forge a clear path for your marketing strategy with marketing automation. Equip yourself with the language they will understand at C-level and prove to them that modern marketing will drive your organization into the future:

Get more done, faster and with fewer resources.

  • Reach the right prospects more effectively.
  • Radically increase conversion rates, revenue, and alignment between marketing and sales.

The trick is to convince those in your leadership of the value of marketing automation. To succeed, it is imperative to influence your CEO, CFO and CIO by crafting a persuasive argument that’s relevant to each of their objectives and concerns.


Your CEO is constantly thinking about top-line growth, customer satisfaction and loyalty, the competition, and profitability.

In other words, your CEO cares most about the things that are variable, not readily measured, and often uncontrollable. That means your CEO will be all ears when it comes to parts of the business that can be tracked, analyzed, and controlled. For example, if it’s predicted that revenues are likely to fall short in a given quarter based on pipeline or sales forecasts, the CEO will know to reduce headcount and expenses to ensure profitability.

It also means that marketing leaders who make visible ROI contributions will be offered seats at the executive table.


Now you have the insights and guidance you need to get your executive team to see the value of modern marketing.

Just remember: Don’t sell marketing automation to the CEO or the CFO—sell the results it can deliver. Ensure your head of IT understands how the solution fits into the existing environment without further burdening the IT group.

Following this guideline will put you well on your way to deploying a powerful marketing automation solution.

  • Personalize the customer experience while increasing revenue.
  • Explain how marketing automation delivers a return on investment.
  • Create a single marketing system of record using the software as a service (SaaS).

Join the thousands of sales and marketing professionals who have already secured executive buy-in and are benefiting from the power of marketing automation. This guide offers a look into the mind of an exec: what keeps them up at night, how do they view the marketing department, and how can marketing automation address their concerns.