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Six brands set their content free. How rethinking helps deliver dynamic experiences.

Content platforms have taken their place as the “core fabric of a broader digital experience platform,” notes Forrester,

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Brands around the world are shattering the digital ceiling in their quest to deliver fascinating customer experiences — each one more impactful than the last. A Swiss manufacturer combines digital showroom and online experiences to make emotional customer connections. A U.S. software company transforms its online publishing process to push content to its customers at lightning speed. A German-based technology company turns to the cloud to securely reach consumers across oceans — and devices. At the heart of these experiences sits relevant, engaging content free and the systems that fuel it.

Content platforms have taken their place as the “core fabric of a broader digital experience platform,” notes Forrester, and a majority of companies say they use platforms like these to deliver personalized experiences — more than they use email marketing. And while the right content platform has the potential to help you reach customers on a deeper level, many companies still have a long way to go.

Content creators want the freedom to publish at a moment’s notice — and the insights to know what’s working — but rigid legacy systems hold them back. When workflows tangle and technologies can’t come together, the customer experience falls flat, brand engagement suffers, and marketers risk becoming irrelevant.

Companies like yours have discovered that the only way to meet ever-shifting customer expectations is through a content platform built for modern experiences. A platform that helps you create content as quickly as your customers want to consume it. One that provides powerful brand experiences at every customer interaction. One that uses content in an intelligent way. And one that does it all in a scalable, secure manner.

Digital leaders are speeding up content creation and delivery by using next-generation content management to help bridge the silos between creative, marketing, and IT. By managing digital assets in one place, content creators at companies like Morningstar and Synopsys can quickly build and deliver consistent experiences across digital properties while staying true to brand standards.

Read Six Brands Set Their Content Free to learn how rethinking content helps to deliver dynamic experiences.

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