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These are interesting times for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Industry thought leaders have noted the shift from archives

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In our 26-criteria evaluation of enterprise content management (ECM) business content services providers, we identified the 15 most significant ones — Alfresco Software, Box, Everteam, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Hyland, IBM, iManage, Kofax, M-Files, Microsoft, OpenText Content Suite, OpenText Documentum, SER Group, SpringCM, and Upland Software — and researched, analyzed, and scored them.

ECM program leaders in 2017 are focused on improving their organizations’ compliance with regulations, digitizing their business processes, accelerating knowledge sharing, and improving their own customers’ experience. ECM vendors are investing — at last — in significant user interface modernizations, mobile frameworks, customer success programs, and low- or no-code design tools. Longtime ECM vendors, however, have a risk inside their install bases: Complex, highly customized on-premises deployments result in customers being slow to upgrade and take advantage of new capabilities and deployment methodologies. This opens the door to new competitors, including emerging cloud-native content platforms, to tackle newer ECM use cases.

Forrester’s research uncovered a market in which OpenText Content Suite, IBM, Microsoft, OpenText Documentum, Alfresco, Box, and M-Files lead the pack. HPE, Hyland, iManage, SpringCM, Everteam, Kofax, and SER Group offer strong, competitive options. Upland lags but has appealing capabilities for midsized enterprises.

These are interesting times for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Industry thought leaders have noted the shift from archives for decades-long content retention, to agile collaboration centric cloud toolsets that also empower security and reuse.

Forrester has been assessing the state of the business content services segment of ECM. Business content services emphasizes content creation, policy and reuse – but remains distinct from transactional, high volume content services (like those that support credit card processing).

They used 26 criteria to evaluate 15 of the most significant business content services providers, and identified the leaders.

Find out which providers are leaders in helping information workers to create, collaborate on, share, and find enterprise content.