The Next Generation Enterprise WAN: Connecting People , Places And Things

Today, businesses and organizations of all sizes are being challenged to extend their networks to more people, places,

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Driving Business Forward with LTE, SD-WAN & Cloud

Implementing SD-WAN, cloud, and LTE strategies in traditional network infrastructure creates efficencies and paves the way for a wide range of applications. Perhaps most importantly, the study indicated that enterprises that haven’t started to incorporate LTE networks are behind the
curve. Conversely, the companies that have moved forward with these technolgies are seeing the benefits compound over time.

What’s becoming increasing clear is that legacy WANs, which are predominately based on wired, hardware-defined, and resource intensive infrastructures, can’t keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of today’s lean and agile connected enterprise.So where exactly are we on this transformational journey from legacy WANs-which have changed little over the last twenty years to the promised land of cloud-enabled, software-defined, and LTE-pervasive WANs that are equally adept atconnecting people, places, and things?

It is becoming increasingly untenable for enterprises to provide secure access from anywhere and any place, from any device, with legacy WAN solutions due to the following challenges:

  • Cost: For organizations with distributed offices and mobile workforces and companies that work in particularly remote or rugged locations, provisioning wired connectivity can be expensive if not impossible; getting enough bandwidth to keep business moving during peak usage periods can be downright cost-prohibitive.
  • Complexity: Legacy solutions require expensive subject-matter experts to provision, maintain, troubleshoot, and deploy these aging networks.
  • Visibility & Security: As more traffic moves off the private network and over the Internet, maintaining both application and user performance and security becomes challenging as IT teams can’t protect against what they can see or control.
  •  Flexibility: In an increasingly digital and competitive world, enterprises often need the ability to grow, seize new opportunities, or shift directions quickly.

Connecting More People, Places & Things
Many organizations are not ready or willing to completely abandon MPLS, traditional VPN, and other legacy network elements even though the network landscape is rapidly changing. Regardless, these enterprises are getting left behind with legacy technologies, and when they finally face the need to adopt. Enterprises adopting a multi-WAN strategy incorporating virtualization, cloud, and LTE are already connecting more people,places, and things securely”and with less complexity and cost than ever before.

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