Up, Up, and Away: Project and Construction Execution Looks to the Cloud

Discover more about Cloud-based project and construction execution solutions encompassing EPPM components enable firms to get organized and

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“It’s Clear in the Cloud”

Increasingly, firms seek new levels of efficiency and end-to-end enterprise insight as they work to boost their ability to select the right projects bring them in on time and on budget ensure compliance and capture best practices for continuous improvement in the cloud.

To gain the agility and modern capabilities needed to mitigate risk and compete effectively, E&C organizations are considering the cloud for project and construction execution and for several good reasons:

Collaborating for Consistency across the Enterprise

It is crucial to enable collaboration and project controls across the business. Instead of multiple spreadsheets with conflicting results, project stakeholders need to rapidly and cost effectively capture, share, and operationalize best practices to improve project delivery and customer satisfaction. A cloud-based project and construction execution platform encompassing enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) components can facilitate team-based collaboration with a single repository for all project data and provide users with rapid access to the latest features and functionality.

Visibility Where and When You Need It

To get the job done, E&C team members often need to move from behind the desk to the project site. The cloud enables them to access the latest functionality with the most up-to-date capabilities regardless of location. With project members at the site, in the office, and everywhere in between, teams need the ability to quickly mobilize information securely while having a single source of truth to get the job done right. With a secure project and construction execution cloud solution, stakeholders have instant access to projects from their mobile devices, personal computers (PCs), and laptops enabling them to check on projects and take action on the go. Team members can easily and quickly perform status updates by using interfaces that best accommodate their line of work from dealing with contractors on the ground to ensuring the project is running on schedule. Moving to the cloud is all about delivering the flexibility and agility that E&C firms need to achieve success without the rigid restraints of their aging systems.

Saving Time and Money

The stakes are higher than ever to complete projects on time and within budget, with incentives growing for early and under-budget completion. With a cloud-based project and construction execution solution, E&C organizations can scale up system users quickly and cost effectively to match construction sector growth and project demand enabling faster access to the latest innovation and functionality. E&C organizations can also avoid costly infrastructure investment as well as expenses associated with maintaining on-site systems. The IT team, therefore can focus on priorities that move the business forward while the firm spends a significantly lower percent of its operating budget on IT.

Focus on Getting the Job Done

Aging systems can cause project leaders to focus their time and effort on IT issues instead of on what matters most engineering and construction. A cloud-based project and construction execution environment removes this burden with 24/7 professional management and support, alleviating strain on the IT team and allowing project managers to get back to the project at hand. A cloud-based solution also enables users to benefit immediately from new functionality, as well as security upgrades.

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