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    Drip Marketing Examples | Drip Campaign Examples

    Top 5 Drip Campaign Examples in B2B

    What is Drip Marketing?

    Drip marketing is a technique of direct marketing, through which, you can get customers by lead nurturing. This method involves sending your marketing information to the customer on a continuous basis for an extended period.

    The most efficient technique to execute drip campaigns is email marketing.

    In drip campaigns or drip marketing, you don’t sell the products or services at the very first interaction with the customer. In fact, drip marketing is a time consuming, but a result-oriented process.

    During the drip campaign, you track your customers’ behavior on your website. You also interact with them in bits by sending them content in which they are interested.

    Over the years, it has been observed that B2B drip campaigns are efficient in building a great relationship with customers. Some of the critical features of drip campaigns are relevancy, personalization, focus on user behavior and automation.

    These key features will make it easy for you to achieve your goals.

    In the next stage of this blog, we’ll try to understand some of the top examples of b2b drip campaigns. We hope this will help you to understand the concept.

    Here are 5 B2B Drip Campaign Examples From Which You Can Learn

    Welcome and Onboarding E-mail

    Asana is a mobile and web-based application which helps your team to organize and manage their task daily, and track it daily.

    Asana uses welcome and onboarding emails to attract and introduce their workflow to the clients. By these emails, they invite them to start their new projects on the application.

    They designed the email in such a way that their client can start their work by a single click on the email.

    In the email itself, they provide a CTA (Call to action) button, and by clicking it, their clients are redirected to the front page of their application.

    Asana’s welcome and onboarding emails also provide a little glimpse of their application features.

    These include features like you can create your task today, assign your tasks to teammates, add due date to your tasks, and mark the completed tasks.

    This practice helps them to make their clients aware of their application.

    Engagement Emails

    Litmus is an email marketing tool that offers you to create, test, and analyze your email. This way your email marketing campaigns can perform better in the market.

    Now, it’s so obvious, if an email marketing service provider starts their own email campaign, it will be a bit fancy. Litmus designed an email for their email design conference.

    In this email, they used the Easter egg technique to give away five free tickets to the conference.

    These emails are designed for their tech-savvy email designer audience. Litmus provides us a classic example of B2B engagement emails.

    These emails are also known as the self-promoter emails because once your email reaches your target audience, the recipient of email starts forwarding it to other people in the greed of getting more free tickets.

    Event Drip Mails

    CoinDesk is a news site for digital currencies and bitcoins. Every year CoinDesk conducts a consensus conference. But in 2017, they came up with a brilliant drip campaign event.

    During the 2017 consensus event, CoinDesk analyzed that attendees love their event.

    So they took full advantage of the attendee’s mood and announced their 2018 event dates. They designed their promotional email in such a way that everyone liked it because they were giving a massive discount on the 2018 conference tickets.

    The outcome of this technique came out well as they started getting registration, right after the announcement.

    Educational Drip Campaigns

    SuperOffice provides CRM (customer relationship management) tools to marketing, sales, and customer service teams to build a world-class customer relationship.

    SuperOffice is also well known for their educational drip campaigns. Every time they launched a new whitepaper for their product or services, they’d mention all-new features and send this information to their subscribers.

    It has been observed that this is the fastest way to reach your audience and make them read and download the content.

    Sending the education content directly to the subscriber’s inbox is a method that they adopted to promote their product and educate their customers.

    These kinds of emails are also known for their convenience because you get all the information about the product on one platform.

    These emails also helped their new subscribers to make a decision while buying the product, keeping SuperOffice at the top of their minds.

    Up-Sell Product Campaigns

    Buffer is a web and mobile-based application designed to manage your social media accounts. With this you can schedule your posts and analyze their results.

    Buffer chose an up-sell drip campaign to increase its sales. Upsell is a technique where a seller encourages the buyer to buy the upgraded version of its products.

    In early 2019, Buffer came with this idea to promote its annual plan for those customers who are pursuing their monthly plans.

    So they decided to change their monthly reminder email body. In the new email, they are giving an offer of 15% discount on the annual plan, which could save them up to $36.

    The idea of upselling goes well for Buffer, as many of their monthly subscribes switch to their annual pack.

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