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    Top 10 Data Lineage Examples

    Top 10 Examples of Data Lineage

    In our last blog topic on data lineage "Top 6 Open Source Data Lineage Tools, we discussed on what is data lineage and importance of data lineage along with top open-source & paid data lineage tools.

    In this blog, we will cover the top 10 real-life data lineage examples. This blog will focus on the significance and benefits of data lineage for the below-mentioned companies.

    Examples of Data lineage in Financial Services

    Standard Chartered

    Standard Chartered, a British multinational bank, needs no formal introduction. The bank is one of the global leaders not only in terms of the users but also in terms of its data analytics sophistication.

    Standard Chartered had to spend a lot to stay compliant with the data regulation laws, which are significantly different across the globe.

    They partnered with Kylo Teradata on a project called “Project Rubicon” to address these challenges.

    Rubicon mainly focused on providing the data analytics team with the trace of every transaction, which helped them to segregate subscribers based on the geo-location to help them comply with the local data regulatory norms.

    But, Rubicon didn't stop at that level, the insights received through these transactions trace helped the bank, create an automated system to reduce the costs.

    Rubicon relies on Teradata’s data lineage tool Kylo with Teradata® Intelliflex® platform.

    Slovenská Sporiteľňa

    Slovenská Sporiteľňa, the largest Slovakian commercial bank with more than 2 million clients. It wanted to automate the process of user security audits and permission reminders.

    Its cybersecurity team had deduced that a proper data lineage system would decrease the associated costs significantly, and hence, the bank opted to partner with CloverDX for data lineage system with CloverETL.

    The in-house system available to the bank was not competent enough to eradicate dependency on individuals and the flexibility requirements.

    Hence it chose to work with CloverETL due to flexibility, ease of use, and fast deployment.

    The integration has proved fruitful for the bank with ease of identification and access management protocols while complying with the user privacy rights.

    Examples of Data Lineage in Technology

    NCR Corporation

    NCR Corporation, a Georgia-based technology company, makes ATMs, service kiosks, barcode scanners, and PSTs (point-of-sale-terminals).

    The company wanted to get valuable insights into those transactions with a high-level of accuracy. Its traditional data warehouse couldn't prove these analyses.

    Hence, NCR Corporation opted to partner with Dremio to create a data lineage system that provides just that.

    Dremio provides a Data as a Service (DaaS) platform, and hence the organization decided to go for the cloud migration.

    This integration with Dremio has allowed NCR Corporation to analyze data easily, and Dremio’s compatibility with analytics tools like Tableau has made the process of data query easy to fire.

    Spiral Universe

    Spiral Universe Inc. is a New York-based software company that helps educational institutes like schools, colleges, etc.

    It provides web 2.0 model software and service solutions to make their day-to-day operations easier.

    Spiral focuses on providing reporting platforms to the school wherein teachers can create progress reports of their pupils, and then parents can access it from anywhere.

    Spiral faced the challenge of maintaining and sorting the database with its growth and decided to partner with Jaspersoft’s data lineage tool Jaspersoft ETL.

    With the help of Jaspersoft ETL's BI capabilities, Spiral could provide the teachers to create and maintain progress reports within minutes, and parents could access it from anywhere through the Spiral "Webtops."

    Examples of Data Lineage in Marketing & Media

    Sky Deutschland

    Sky Limited, a British media giant, is one of the world leaders in television media. Its German counterpart Sky Deutschland is also one of the leaders in TV media with more than 4 million subscribers.

    Sky Deutschland is headquartered in Munich. There were a few challenges that Sky needed to address the split-second responses to various queries like content authorization, subscription management, profile update, etc.

    The Sky team decided to opt for the Talend Data lineage tool to meet these requirements.

    The response they received was quite good, and hence, they chose to integrate with the Talend Data lineage platform for Sky’s Over the Top (OTT) platform.

    This program is designed to reduce the costs, improve customer experience, and deliver the content without much hassle.

    Talend Open Studio helps Sky to deliver these features without hampering the credibility, integrity, and productivity of Sky Media.

    Allant Group

    Allant Group is an Illinois-based marketing company that provides its clients with data analytics, campaign management, and critical business insights.

    As the company started growing, the complexity of different data formats and maintenance issues began to appear. At the same time, clients wanted higher quality, more QA checks, and faster results.

    However, this was not possible with their current infrastructure and hence decided to collaborate with CloverDX data lineage to address these needs.

    This collaboration helped the Allant Group to reduce the turnaround time while providing higher-quality insights.

    The scalability of CloverDX ETL helped the Allant Group to maintain their systems effectively as well as create a new marketing data pipeline.

    Examples of Data Lineage in Government

    Georgia Department of Transportation

    Georgia Department of Transportation is a government organization, and it wanted to get more insights on transportation through big data analytics.

    It wanted to work on a Variable Speed Limit (VSL) pilot through which it can manage the speed limit restrictions based on the road, weather, and traffic conditions to minimize congestion.

    GDOT planned to put up electronic signs denoting the congestion or weather and road conditions to avoid crashes.

    As this project involved customer safety, it needed to be effective without hampering efficiency and within budget restrictions.

    It partnered with Teradata Kylo’s data lineage tool to collect and create a system to address these needs.

    With the help of this data lineage tool, the Georgia Department of Transportation could identify the road, weather, and traffic conditions and advise the users to decrease or increase speed limits.

    Gendarmerie Nationale

    Gendarmerie Nationale is a special branch of the French Army. It assists French police in maintaining public order and identifying security threats.

    France was supposed to host the European Football Championship in 2016 and was hit hard by terrorism.

    The Gendarmerie decided to implement a solution wherein they could cross-check security information, which was sorted and maintained in different databases.

    That is when they decided to partner with a data lineage solution provider to maintain, arrange, and manage data.

    The key issue was these files were maintained separately, and security personnel had to go through each suspect individually, and it was a time-consuming and redundant activity.

    Talend helped the department to unify and provide a comprehensive database in a single registry.

    Talend created an automated system that provided the department with the required data in a required manner and helped them to manage and negate the terror threats quite easily.

    Examples of Data Lineage in Transportation

    Air France

    Air France, one of the global leaders in the passenger transportation industry, faced a key challenge in data processing and segregation.

    There are more than 2.5 million unique visitors on its website, and it had become really hard to keep track of all the databases.

    Air France decided to partner up with Talend to develop a data lineage system, wherein data scientists at Air France could filter the data more accurately based on audience preference and send the information accordingly.

    The partnership with Talend resulted in Air France delivering its customers personalized and real-time updates, without breaching GDPR norms.


    Keolis, a private, public service operator, headquartered in Paris, manages a fleet of 23,000 buses & coaches along with tram lines, and railways for over 300 municipalities in 16 countries.

    Over 65% of Keolis users book their tickets, raise queries, and all other relevant inquiries through a mobile app, website, and other digital mediums.

    Their platform receives more than 2.5 million messages per day over 70 systems.

    Keolis wanted to collect all that data and process it through a single platform.

    It needed to develop a data lineage system that could keep track of all the data and segregate it based on queries, preferences, etc.

    It decided to partner with Talend Open Studio for the same, and they could cover over 70% of their queries within the next two months. With this partnership, they can now deliver all of its users real-time updates.

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