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    Digital Asset Management for Small Businesses

    Importance of Digital Asset Management for Small Businesses

    As we discussed in our previous blog of “DAM (Digital Asset Management) versus MAM (Media Asset Management)” about the various differences between the two software, so in today’s blog, we will discuss a bit more on the importance of DAM in small-medium enterprises or small scale industry scenarios.

    For any of the small scale business, implementation of the digital asset management process and its tools could do wonders.

    For the growth of a small business a few of the factors are considerable i.e “client’s presentations” and “promotional material” is very essential and in these very situations DAM plays a crucial role by helping an entire team to speed up and navigate them to the appropriate media file.

    Importance of DAM for Broadcast and Media Companies in Particular

    Unlike many industries, Broadcast and Media is probably the heaviest user of the DAM process and tools but there are a large number of media companies that operate under a small scale and if we conduct research on “requirements of customers” the result will be classified into two different workflows.

    One would be news clips and photos workflow, which is beneficial for identifying news stories and clips from various sources like TV, Radio and other broadcast channels to save them for future references by tagging them keyword and specific description.

    Second would be “clips for OTT” (over the top apps).

    This application is used to extract the story and other media content from the other linear broadcast channels, for example, form the weather section or from any sporting event and then they add animation and create a clip and distribute that clip to other media channels, websites, social media, etc.

    5 Benefits of DAM for Small Businesses

    Let’s discuss in depth that, “how digital asset management is crucial for the growth of small scale enterprise”.

    Cloud-based DAM

    In 2019, there are multiple online DAM tools that offer better setups for teams, more features, and the cloud-based world which gives the user a unique experience as compared to the traditional enterprise DAM tools.

    If you are thinking to move to online that might be the right decision because your company can save money on hardware for storage and these modern applications can provide you bandwidth option.

    • DAM application is usually easy to use. You and your user will understand the structure within a short span of time. They just need to upload the picture, tag them, share them, and then download.
    • These online applications make you professional. Anything you do in the market reflects your brand image, so your files and way to share them should be professional too. Many of the online DAM applications provide you custom branding options, custom URLs, custom login screens, and branded folders.
    • If your company is growing day-by-day, your DAM solution should also change. Of late, you can easily afford a professional DAM solution within less than a dollar per day and as it is cloud-based as well it will assure security to your valuable asset.

    Time Saver

    DAM solutions are great at time-saving. Once you integrate the software with your existing workflow, it will not take much time for you and your fellow colleagues to set their hands on it.

    Many times it’s been observed that you will not require any special training session to understand the tools or solution because everything is under one system and anyone can log in easily and can find the required file without any problem.

    Protection from piracy and theft

    For any organization, its digital asset is most valuable and no small business can afford to lose them.

    Previously it was observed that when your server goes down you might lose data but now, as DAM processors are getting compatible with a cloud-based system it’s getting an extra layer of protection, which provides bonus protection to sensitive data and licensing agreement.

    DAM solutions can protect your organization from legal cases of copyright and security breaches.

    Cost Reduction

    There are several ways in which the DAM can save you a lot of money below are some listed factors:

    These days DAM solutions offer different pricing models for different sizes and kinds of organizations. It is more focused on specific needs and usage. For factors like

    • Accessibility of DAM tools: You can choose cloud-based, private cloud, and in-premise DAM solution. For storage, you can choose a server, hardware, and private cloud.
    • Cost reduction on resources: Earlier it was noticed that you might need a team to handle your digital assets but with the right selection of tools, a mere one or two people can handle the entire organization.
    • Less legal headaches: Right tools provide you protection against theft as well as from asset permission and rights management.

    Faster Deployment

    You can use DAM as an essential element for faster deployment of marketing campaigns. This might lead you to launch your products quickly or on time.

    By implementation of the DAM solution, it's been noticed that you can increase your productivity by 10% as per IDC.

    Top Free DAM Software

    As an owner of a small business unit, you must have a few portions of digital assets in your arsenal as comparable to giants in the market.

    Though, there might be few folders where you keep your assets and very few people have access to them. If this is the situation, then you don’t need to spend a ton of money on any solution or tool.

    With these considerations in mind we will help you to find the best free DAM software for your organization and below are a few listed:

    • Wrike

    Wrike is a cloud-based and project management tool which helps you to manage your product from start till end. It provides you full visibility and control on tasks, It allows you to track your work in progress, report results, create project plans, and shows results in Gantt charts.

    Plan Monthly Price
    Free $0.00 /mo. per user
    Professional $9.80 /mo. per user
    Business $24.80 /mo. per user
    • Daminion Space

    Daminion Space allows you to store digital assets in the cloud or on-premise. This is only designed for the Windows but can also run in Mac via special plugins

    Plan Monthly Price
    Basic $0.00
    Up to 5 Users $175.00
    More Than 5 Users Contact Daminion for pricing
    • Google Photos

    You can also get Google Photos for free. Easy user interface for you and for your client with the security of Google cloud. Easy way to get back up and segregate files.

    Storage Limit Monthly Price
    15GB Free
    200GB $2.99
    2TB $9.99

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