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    Top DMP Tools

    List of Top 7 DMP Tools

    A data management platform (DMP) is an essential part of every marketing team.

    DMP tools are used to manage disparate third-party data across different channels. These tools also act as a bridge between the first-party data and third-party data.

    With the compliance laws getting stringent, it is becoming imperative to have a DMP. These platforms deal with third-party databases that come under the scrutiny of compliance requirements.

    DMP tools also help you segment the target audience based on different criteria. The tools are crucial to your promotional tactics.

    The DMP tools are a useful link between the prospects being your subscribers.

    This blog focuses on the top DMP tools that can help you transform your business. We will be looking at the salient features and the pricing for each tool through this blog.

    Top 7 DMP Tools

    Adobe DMP

    Adobe DMP platform is regarded as one of the best DMP platforms. It allows you to merge different touchpoints across multiple platforms. Let’s look at some of its salient features.


    • Data Security: It is compliant with most of the standard data compliance norms, including GDPR. It also provides strong data security.
    • Ease of Compilation: You can easily compile data across multiple channels comfortably. This allows you to track the audience and push the advertisements, notifications, etc. with ease.
    • Actionable Insights on Data: This tool provides valuable insights on audience interactions with which you can optimize the remarketing strategy.
    • Handle Big Data with Ease: You can manage and operate big data easily with the Adobe DMP tool.


    As the pricing may vary as per the client requirements, you need to directly contact Adobe for detailed pricing. It can be used on SaaS, web, and cloud.

    Neustar IDMP

    Neustar DMP uses one ID system to connect both online and offline marketing channels. Here are some of the top features of the Neustar One ID DMP:


    • Unified View: It offers a consolidated view of marketing efforts across all channels, including offline channels like trade shows, events, etc.
    • Authoritative Identity: With this feature, you can set up an intelligent system to track marketing expenditure and performance. This system allows marketers to also monitor the bottom–line and the Return on Investment (RoI).
    • Flexible and Portable Intelligence: This feature allows marketers to plan and allocate resources with the closed-loop measurement. It also allows you to segment and monitor the target audience. Along with this, you also receive actionable insights on the channel performance.
    • Transparency and Compliance: The tool provides compliance across various compliance requirements and also helps you in auditing purposes. It maintains data transparency so that you can monitor and submit the entire customer journey whenever required.


    Neustar doesn’t reveal its pricing as the pricing varies from one company to another. You can reach out to Neustar or its vendors to get detailed pricing.

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    Oracle DMP

    Oracle DMP (formerly known as BlueKai) is one of the global leaders in DMP. This tool allows you to personalize campaigns and improve your marketing efforts. Let’s take a quick look at some of its salient features:


    • Cross-Device Integration: Oracle BlueKai allows you to have a cross-device integration with ease. You can visualize and execute marketing campaigns across different devices. You can also match the device performance.
    • Ease of Segmentation: You can easily segment the database as per your requirements. Apart from the normal data segmentation parameters, you can also segment the data on nurture tactics.
    • Ease of Unifying Disparate Data: This feature allows you to manage and integrate data that is hard to track. The unification of the disparate data helps you to improve the KPIs significantly.
    • Focussed, Data-Driven Campaigns: This feature allows you to run focused and targeted campaigns. This allows your marketing team to switch to a more data-driven approach.


    The pricing varies from client to client. But here is the resource that may help you in finding out the pricing as per your requirements.

    Salesforce DMP

    Salesforce DMP (formerly known as Krux) helps you improve the effectiveness and relevance of your marketing efforts. Here are some of the key features of the tool:


    • Data Profile Insights: This feature provides marketers with detailed insights on data subjects. This allows marketers to readjust their marketing efforts.
    • Data Source Segmentation: You can easily segment the audience as per the touchpoints they had interacted with. With this functionality, you can get a better idea of best performing data sources.
    • AI-enabled advertising: You can deploy AI-enabled advertising practices with Salesforce DMP. This allows you to optimize the advertisement experience and predict user behavior.
    • Advanced Analytics Insights: The insights provided by the tool are not limited to only audience interactions. The insights also include heat maps, predicted user behavior, ad-positioning, etc.


    The pricing information for this tool is not readily available on the website. You have to contact either Salesforce representatives or their vendors.


    Lotame DMP is an emerging DMP platform with strong data profiling capabilities. It provides users with advanced insights to improve conversions too. Let's look at some of its key features.


    • Ease of Data Collection: You can easily collect the data from various sources and store them in a unified system.
    • Simple Data Segmentation: Lotame DMP allows you to segment the audience with simplified segmentation parameters. This allows you to spend more time on optimizing your advertisement creative.
    • Profile Reporting: This tool helps you to report, manage, and assign scores to the audience. The practice helps you to channelize marketing efforts more efficiently.
    • Data-driven Campaign Activation: You can run the promotional campaigns and remarketing campaigns pretty comfortably with the data-driven marketing campaign approach.


    It doesn't offer a free trial. The pricing starts from as low as $1 per month and increases as per the usage. It supports web, SaaS, and cloud.

    Mapp Acquire

    This platform acts as both CDP and DMP. But we will be looking at the salient features related to DMP only.


    • Ease of Data Integration: You can easily integrate the first-party and third-party data with this tool. It also allows marketers to integrate data from different channels.
    • Data Source Comparison: You can understand the highest performing data sources with this tool. This helps you understand your best-performing channels and optimize marketing efforts.
    • Simplified Lead Management Tactics: This tool also allows you to optimize the lead management practices and help you track the lead journey entirely.


    You have to contact the Mapp Digital or its vendors for pricing quotation as it is not readily available.

    Nielsen DMP

    Nielsen provides its Data Management Platform through Nielsen DMP. Let’s take a quick look at some of its key features:


    • Simplified Data Management: This tool provides a simplified data management system that allows you to keep a track of the user journey and touchpoints.
    • Simplified Audience Customization: You can easily customize the target audience as per the engagement metrics and user behavior.
    • AI-enabled Ad Targeting: This tool provides an AI-enabled advertisement targeting. It provides marketers with valuable insights like heat maps, user behavior, and ad positioning.
    • Cross-Channel Marketing: You can set up cross channel promotional activities based on the historic user interactions and improve the conversion rates.


    It does not offer a free trial. You can contact the Nielsen DMP or its vendors for detailed pricing. It is not disclosed on the web as the pricing may vary from one customer to another.

    Key Takeaways:

    The DMP tools allow you to integrate the database from different platforms, optimize the marketing efforts, and increase conversions. These tools also play a significant role in compliance regulations and user journey management.

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