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    Emerging Trends in Mobile Marketing: Advantages and Types

    Emerging Trends in Mobile Marketing: Advantages and Types

    What is Mobile Marketing

    Emerging trends in mobile marketing are changing how marketing used to be done. Mobile marketing is an emerging trend and art of marketing a business for mobile device users. It is an advertising activity that uses mobile devices as the basic form of promotion. Mobile marketing uses the feature of modern mobile technology.

    This includes location services which are used to tailor marketing campaigns based on an individual's location. Mobile marketing is a method in which technology can be used for the personal promotion of a business or service to multiple users connected to a network. In this article, we will see the various emerging trends in the world of mobile marketing.

    It uses mobile-based strategies such as SMS, mobile applications, mobile websites, and location-based marketing to reach people wherever they are.

    Mobile Marketing allows you to reach people on a device that is always with them and is always active and connected to the internet.

    Adopting mobile marketing along with other marketing channels can make the overall marketing even more effective. This way, users can access information wherever they want, whenever they want.

    Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies

    There are multiple Mobile Marketing Strategies in the market. But it works according to the needs of the business. The type of the business, which industry, target audience, and budget all affect the mobile marketing strategy. Following are some of the types of Mobile Marketing.

    App-Based Marketing

    Mobile Apps are used as an ad platform in this type. More than 80% of people use most of the apps on their mobiles, so there is already a wide base present for marketing. With the help of services such as Google Ads, mobile advertisers can create mobile ads and which they can advertise in other third-party mobile apps.

    Similarly, Facebook also helps advertisers to create ads that can be advertised in the Facebook mobile app. Facebook's Promoted Post ads are so well absorbed in Facebook's feed that users do not even know whether they are viewing any ads or any feed.

    In-game mobile marketing

    In-game mobile marketing is when ads appear in mobile games. These in-game ads appear as banners, pop-ups, full-page image ads, or video ads. These ads can be visible at the time of screen loading.

    QR codes

    QR Codes often take users to a specific webpage. Therefore, advertisers can also include their ads in those QR Codes so that whenever a user scans those QR Codes, they would go to the advertisement page first.

    Location-Based Marketing

    This location-based marketing is a very specific type of marketing. It displays ads only to a user who is within the range of the targeted location. Location-based marketing shows specific ads about the business located in the same location.

    Mobile Search Ads

    These are basic search ads that are designed for mobile-only and with additional add-on extensions such as click-to-call or maps.

    Mobile Image Ads

    These image-based ads are designed to appear in certain apps or web pages. Whenever a user is on some webpage, a full-page ad may be integrated into that page itself. Google Ads uses search history to show appropriate ads on the website.


    In the form of SMS also, advertisers can send ads of their product to the mobile device of the users. These are in the form of text with some hyperlinks attached to them.

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