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    Pros and Cons of Guerrilla Marketing Explained

    Pros and Cons of Guerrilla Marketing Explained

    A lot of brands today are experimenting with various marketing styles based on many other factors.

    One of the preferred marketing styles which have gained popularity recently is Guerrilla Marketing. But what is it exactly? Let’s have a look.

    What is Guerrilla Marketing?

    Guerrilla marketing is derived from Guerrilla fighting which means to add an element of surprise to it.

    In Guerrilla marketing, companies add an element of surprise to their marketing campaigns.

    It can be in the form of abstract ideas where the audience might not even expect the artwork to be an advertisement. Otherwise, it can also be some incident taking place which might subtly have an advertisement involved in it.

    Like with all things in this world, there are certain pros and cons to Guerrilla marketing.

    We will take a look at and understand if it is really that beneficial for companies to opt for Guerrilla marketing.

    What are the Pros of Guerrilla Marketing?


    One of the biggest advantages, and the primary reason why some companies opt for Guerrilla marketing, is its low cost.

    One can run an ad campaign in a fraction of the cost of the usual spread. This results in a better return on investment when the ad becomes a huge success.

    Provides Creative Freedom

    When it comes to traditional marketing campaigns, there are certain guidelines to follow. This might also be a result of certain red-tapes.

    In Guerrilla marketing, the scope is open far and wide, thus allowing creators to explore their creativity on all levels.

    Capable of Going Viral

    Some gags or artworks for Guerrilla marketing do have the potential to go viral.

    If that happens, then the people and media do the job for you in spreading the message. Thus you can exploit the free publicity that you receive from it.

    Can Take Advantage of Secondary and Tertiary Distribution Sources

    There is no better distribution source than the audience themselves. In the current world which is dominated by social media, a good idea is always appreciated and shared.

    Guerrilla marketing helps you take advantage of these social channels to market your products and services. These are beyond the usual distribution channels which you may have planned on using.

    What are the Cons of Guerrilla Marketing?

    Contains a High Risk of Failure

    One of the biggest con for Guerrilla marketing is the risk of failure. You can design a very innovative concept, but if it does not appeal to the masses, it will result in a failure.

    Although the failure does not create a major financial dent, it is an effort that yields no results.

    Messaging Can Be Misunderstood And Cause Backlash

    The messaging can be as clear as a diamond at times, yet the masses may misunderstand it and could result in backlashes.

    There can be many reasons why a person might be offended or saddened by your advertising campaign. Hence, it is a risk that has to be considered.

    Can Attract Intervention From Authorities

    If you plan on creating an artwork that is very public or the messaging is too direct, the authorities might get involved at some point.

    It is always better to keep away from these issues since it can attract a lot of bad press and be counterproductive for your brand.

    Can Face Unpredicted Issues

    Sometimes there can be unprecedented issues such as pandemics, bad weather, political tensions, etc. which can be a deterrent and a roadblock to your campaigns.

    If such a situation arises then there would be a need to steer into a different direction and the Guerrilla marketing campaign would be a no-go.


    All in all, Guerrilla marketing is a good option for brands to opt for, and most often than not, brands can execute it will.

    If the idea is good, the masses will appreciate it and help gain mind share for the brands with the target audience.

    So, brands can definitely opt for Guerrilla marketing to further their reach. Just they must plan it well taking into account all the issues that may occur.

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