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    ICO Marketing Strategies

    Top ICO Marketing Strategies

    ICO (Initial Coin Offering) term recently became very popular in startups. The era of traditional financial transactions is in the decline stage, but ICO is getting increasingly popular amongst investors.

    So, basically ICO is a method to raise funds for launching a new cryptocurrency in the market. It’s pretty similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.

    By this process, ICO can attract many investors to invest in the initial stage of the project and can get the ROI after the launch.

    For participation in an ICO event, there are very few formalities with very few documentation involved.

    Also known as Token Generation Event (TGE), the ICO process also includes blockchain business which helps to generate a token for various customers.

    As I said, this is a prime era for ICO. Companies can raise funds within few hours of the announcement of ICO registration date and time.

    Some Facts:

    • In 2017, ICO raised 5.6 billion dollars.
    • In 2018, it increased to 6.3 billion dollars, only in the first quarter.

    ICO Marketing Strategies

    I've already explained to you above that why ICO is getting popular day-by-day. But now, let's look into the process in which you need to implement some specific ICO marketing strategies.

    These can help you to take your business to new heights.

    Website and Whitepapers

    An attractive website would be your first step to start. It will work as the face of your company. But make sure your first impression should be perfect.

    Add all information related to ICO on your website, including your “About Us” and “Contact Us” page. These pages help to build trust in the minds of the customer.

    But above all, create a separate page for whitepapers where in-depth you are going to mention every detail about legal aspects and terms and conditions.

    Some essential points you need to keep in focus while preparing whitepapers:

    • Elaborate your team and their achievements.
    • Mention details about token distribution.
    • Your company partners
    • How your customers will benefit after investing in your company.
    • Capitalization (In-depth explanation about how much capital you required)

    Run Paid Campaigns

    Paid campaigns provide an extra lift to the business for getting traffic to your website via different channels like Google, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and Quora.

    But there are some key challenges for paid campaigns like rules and regulations of the promoter site which you need to follow at any condition.

    You might have some plans for your paid campaign which are out of the box but these regulations could be a stoppage for you.

    These days the crypto market is getting a boost, but with that, there are a lot of cases of manipulations, scams, and fraudulent. Due to this, every promoter redesigned its rules and regulations.

    For instance: Facebook banned Crypto Currency advertisements.

    Social Media

    On various social media platforms, CryptoCurrency and ICO have their own community where people join and discover the vulnerabilities of different currencies and exchanges.

    So a good social media strategy can pull potential customers to your business.

    First and foremost, you need to create your organization page on almost every social networking site.

    Stay up to date with the new content and whitepapers to attract more customers. Try to engage them by giving more offers and explanations on queries.

    Try to be a social media community leader for your ICO’s and Currency pages. A strong social media community will give you the best platform to launch.

    Press Release/Media Outreach/Public Relation

    Once your base is ready after applying the above methods, then only you are ready for your first PR and Media approach.

    By using the press release technique, your reach is going to be outmatched (Depends upon your ICO/currency and social media presence before press release).

    There are tons of media houses and publishers which specifically write about crypto and exchanges. This will help you to reach your potential audience who are specifically interested in your currency.

    But this will make a hole in your pocket because usually, these kinds of events are expensive. If budget is not a thing to worry about, then you can buy a professional who can handle PR for you.

    Personalize Email Marketing

    One of the direct marketing tools you can use anytime and under any budget. A smart marketer knows the value of Email Marketing that’s why they keep it in their core strategy.

    Where all your paid campaigns and social media presence is building your community, their email marketing will help you send personalized messages to appropriate customers.

    Emails are also considered being trustworthy channels.

    You just require email addresses of people to run the email marketing campaign. You can build your email data by adding subscriber form to your website or else you can buy data from lead generation organizations.

    Let’s See Which are the Top ICO Marketing Agencies

    • ICOBOX

    ICOBOX considered the most experienced ICO/STO service provider.

    So if you are looking to sell your product via ISO crowd sale, then this platform is meant for you.

    A team of more than 50+ members with availability in more than 10+ countries and 100+ clients. You can trust ICOBOX anytime.

    • CoinFabric

    Known for building and growing blockchain and crypto companies. Helps to boost your campaign by anticipating the unpredictable scenarios and give a push to your business to adapt the market quickly.

    With a total market capitalization of $270 billion, 2579 total currencies, and with 70% of bitcoin market dominance, CoinFabric is a great agency to start with.

    • Crynet

    If you are thinking to take your ICO business to another level, then Crynet is your option.

    Crynet provides ICO support service with IR and PR, production, media relation, and strategies that can just not help you in the establishment but also in spreading awareness. 400+ satisfactory coin payment clients can justify the worth.

    • Foxtail

    If your keywords are not ranking as per your desire, then partnering with Foxtail will be helpful.

    They just not prioritize keyword but with the help of PPC, SEO, PR, Email Marketing, Social media, etc. but also give a path to your potential customers to reach your website.

    Some of the most successful clients of Foxtails are Soma, BABB, Winding Tree, and many more.

    • ICOPromo

    ICOPromo provides an exclusive range of marketing services from the bounty program to PR strategy to Investors' advice.

    Considered to be one of the best promoters for ICO projects. ICOPromo’s team works with the top ICO professionals.

    Client list of ICOPromo has always been an attraction with some famous brands like Chronobank, TAAS, and Blackmoon.

    Key Take Away

    ICO is at its peak today, if you are planning to start an ICO/ Crypto business then you have to understand the marketing strategies which will give an extra push to your business. There are tons of marketing agencies that can help you stand in the race.

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