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    ICO Platforms

    Top 10 ICO Platforms to Look out for in 2020

    ICO is commonly known by these two terms initial coin offering and initial currency offering. Let’s try to understand this by an example.

    Suppose you are an emerging startup with the business model of launching a new cryptocurrency, namely, XYZ Coin.

    The only problem you are facing is to raise money for your cryptocurrency capital. Now, in this case, you could approach banks for help, where they could give you a loan instead of a mortgage.

    But what if you could raise capital for your cryptocurrency without giving anything to anyone. Here, ICO comes into the picture.

    For developing an ICO, first, you need to create a document (which is usually known as a whitepaper) with every necessary detail in it that how your system will work.

    Your next setup should be to create a well-structured website where you can host your currency. On your website, make a separate page to explain your vision to people.

    Third, do good promotion of your ICO and meanwhile, ask money from people in return of XYZ Coin. Once your currency starts circulating in people, it automatically raises the value of its.

    I hope the above example helped you to understand the concept of ICO. In this next step, we’ll try to figure out some of the best ICO platforms available in the market.

    Top 10 ICO Platforms Which can Help You Start Your Crypto Journey in 2020

    ICO Bench

    ICO Bench is famous for its rating and reviews on ICOs. ICO Bench experts come from various backgrounds like legal, media, marketing, finance, investment, and trading.

    These experts do all reviews and ratings on ICOs. ICO Bench allows you to get to know more about whitepapers, teams, roadmaps, dates, and ICO funding.

    On the website of ICO Bench, ICOs are sorted by categories that represent various industries. Additionally, ICO Bench is working on a robot called benchy&rsquo.

    Once this AI implementation is done, then you can interact with the Bench from various channels.

    This AI is programmed in such a way that it will solve many queries of yours related to ICOs like prices of different currencies, legal audits, and stats on ROI.

    ICO Bench has raised US$ 27 billion from ICOs and US$ 1.7 billion from IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)


    CoinGecko has been operating from early 2014 and has become one of the biggest crypto data aggregators.

    CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency ranking chart app and website. CoinGecko is famous for its fundamental analysis of the cryptocurrency market.

    They also provide full information on coin prices, coin volume, market valuation, and market capitalization. Along with this, they also track the crypto community growth.

    They also cover major events and open-source code development. On their website, you can see hundreds of current cryptocurrency rates.

    You can also use filters for more accurate results. They also give a feature to mark your favorites, so next time when you come to the website, you can start where you left off.

    They also provide information on various exchanges, derivatives, latest news, along with charts that represent the top 100 coins by trading volume.

    Coin Factory

    Coin Factory is based in the U.S and was founded in 2016. Accubits Technologies are the associates of the Coin Factory.

    If you are looking for the most intuitive and user-friendly experience, then Coin Factory should be your destination. In two steps, you can purchase an ICO token.

    They support 14 different languages to make you more comfortable in your native language. Coin Factory also shows current currency rates.

    You will get reviews on ICOs from expert investors. And, while buying an ICO, you can make the payments in 12+ cryptocurrencies (this is more like a barter system).

    This platform is built for investors so they could have made the most money out of it. With this motto, the Coin factory will not charge you any transaction or success fee.

    ICO Drops

    ICO Drops is a reviewing and rating website. This platform provides you key information on their listed ICOs. ICO Drops is famous for its three lists, featuring active ICOs, upcoming ICOs, and ended ICOs.

    If you want a daily dose of ICO information or the latest updates, then ICO Drops should be your destination.

    They also provide the ICO calendar on your device so you could mark the dates of upcoming events. For bounty lovers, there is a specific bounty list.

    Once you become a subscriber of ICO Drops, you will get weekly ICO plans on your email address.

    Additionally, you will get more information on ICO's latest news from their twitter and telegram page.

    They also have an advertising program where you can promote your ICO. But you need approval from the ICO Drops team to take part in this program.


    The sole aim of ICOHunter is to provide detailed information about the ICO projects to the investors. So they could make the right choice and invest their money into the right projects.

    On the website, you just need to select the project, and you will receive all the information and analysis related to it. This information is then reviewed by ICOHunters experts.

    ICOHunter is an independent agency, and they never partner with any advertisement or blockchain agency.

    They do not just analyze the open-source information on ICO and other currencies, but they also do research on the level of risks on investment and hidden facets of blockchain projects.

    They also provide you features like ongoing projects, upcoming projects, and past projects so you can keep track.


    CoinLaunch is a complete platform for crypto asset insurance. On this platform, you can create, manage and deploy your regulation complaints of crypto assets.

    It also has a dedicated page for Bitcoin and Ethereum, from where you can get all the necessary information.

    If you choose CoinLaunch, then you can manage your crowd sale campaigns and ERC20 token via easy to use dashboard.

    Additionally, they also provide you a key feature of geo-targeting where you could target a specific group of people at a specific geographical location, but you could only get this access if you fulfilled regulatory and legal requirements.

    With their price tracker feature, you can track the daily fluctuations of cryptocurrencies' price.

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    Coral Protocol

    With Coral Protocol, you can sell your tokens easily. They also assist you in pre-sales and sales processes. Coral Protocol is built with all security standards, used to build in OpenZeppelin.

    Once your token is accepted by Coral, then the general public can buy that token by just using a pre-registered address.

    While purchasing a token, Coral asks you for basic personal information and your legal documents.

    Instead of cash, you can deal with Coral Protocol in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and many other currencies.


    TokenMarket was founded in 2016 with an aim to provide tools and foundation for blockchain businesses to grow and develop in the market.

    Since its inception, TokenMarket has been associated with many other organizations that start with single-digit employees, and currently it is a hundred million dollar enterprise. So you can consider TokenMarket a reliable source.

    Many investors used TokenMarket technology specifically for AML/KYC procedures, screening potential portfolio additions, and trading on a decentralized ledger.

    Many of their customers are interested in investor documentation, where they get the insights of next dimensional blockchain knowledge.

    If you are new to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, then you can explore TokenMaket to get more knowledge.

    On the front page of the website, you could see the “current investment opportunities” where they show the top listed ICO. You can choose one and start investing in it.

    They also have a dedicated page for research where you could find out the security tokens, utility tokens, and token database.


    CoinSchedule is another ICO platform from where you can invest in ICOs and cryptocurrencies.

    CoinSchedule is a worthy website as they are famous for ICO listing and sales of cryptocurrency tokens.

    The company provides ratings for exchanges, coins, ICO, IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), stablecoins, and airdrops.

    They also provide you statistics related to the crypto token sales, where you will get an insight on total fundraised per month for a particular ICO.

    You can also get information on the number of tokens sold from the opening of the sale to closing.

    You can also further breakdown the token sales in the geographical map, where you can see the performance of token in different countries.

    If you are willing to get into the business of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, then CoinSchedule is a good option for you because they will provide you the latest news of the industry along with upcoming cryptocurrencies conferences.

    For investors, CoinSchedule's primary objective is to make the entire process transparent so they could make a better investment without having any fear of loss.


    ICOcreed is an independent ICO review and rating organization. They provide you a compact list of ICOs which are reviewed by the ICOcreed expert team. From this list, you can choose the best ICO to invest in.

    On the website, they provide you information on active ICOs, upcoming ICOs, and ended ICOs. So you could mark the upcoming dates and track the past events.

    Additionally, they also have a dedicated page for airdrops where you could find the active and ended airdrops events.

    ICO is not the only forte of ICOcreed. They also have good experts for IEOs and STOs.

    On ICOcreed you can also promote your cryptocurrency because they have an advertising program.

    ICOcreed provides a numerous amount of services like allowing you to publish your ICO and airdrop.

    Moreover, they also give you access to buy Bitcoin from your PayPal account, along with this you can also buy any cryptocurrency by adding your credit card.

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