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    Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

    Machine Learning Vs. Artificial Intelligence

    Before moving to the discussions such as the comparison between Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence, we must first understand what they mean and how they function.

    What is Machine Learning?

    Machine learning is the process by which the machine can learn without prior explicit commands. Machine learning is an application of AI where the system can learn from the experiences and improve by the same.

    What is Artificial Intelligence?

    As the name suggests Artificial intelligence if broken into two simple words will lead to its meaning; Artificial meaning something which is not natural and more like human-made and intelligence means the ability to understand or think.

    Artificial Intelligence is not a system, but it is implemented in the system. AI is generally expected to mimic human behavior and perform all the tasks just as a human can.

    What’s the difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

    Both these terms can lead to similar meanings because of the similarity in the way they perform. One might get confused with the differentiation between both.

    In a way, they go hand in hand, and there is not much to differentiate between both except for a few following points.

    The key difference in both of these terms is with Artificial Intelligence the aim is to attain intelligence, and Machine Learning aims to attain knowledge.

    Machine learning V/S Artificial Intelligence:

    We have enlisted the key differences to help you understand the difference between the two and decide which one to choose.

    Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
    Acquisition of skill or knowledge The ability to acquire and apply gained Knowledge
    It allows the system to learn new things from the stored data It is decision making
    It lets the system to learn new things from the data It is decision making
    The machine takes the data and learns from it It works as a program which makes smart decisions
    Its goal is to learn from the data for a particular task and maximize the performance on that particular task Its goal is to simulate the natural intelligence to solve complex problems on its own
    It will go out for the solution irrespective of whether it is an optimal solution or not It will go out to find the optimal possible solution
    Machine Learning leads to knowledge Artificial Intelligence leads to wisdom

    Machine Learning is snowballing in almost all the sectors; here are few of the examples of Machine Learning

    Machine Learning Examples: Now that we have discussed the fundamental differences between the Artificial Intelligence & machine learning, we will now move on to understand the machine learning and Artificial intelligence in a little bit of depth with the help of some examples.

    • Financial Sector
    • Healthcare
    • Retail

    Machine Learning Examples in Daily Life:

    • Online transport Services

    The online transport services such as Uber, Lyft, and Hop, etc. use machine learning to determine the estimated time of arrival (ETA), pick-up locations, etc. it is done by analyzing millions of previous situations and matching it with the situation similar to yours.

    • Digital Entertainment Platforms

    You must have used various online streaming entertainment platforms such as Netflix, or Amazon Prime, etc. Most of the shows that you watch on these platforms are found through the recommendation engine.

    • Online Payment Gateways

    Online payment gateways such as PayPal or CCAvenue use the machine learning algorithm to understand the fraudulent behavior and prevent it from happening.

    Artificial Intelligence Examples:

    • Voice Recognition Services

    All of us have used virtual personal assistants like Siri or Cortana or Alexa, and we have seen the effect they have on our life too.

    These systems use a deep neural network to mimic human behavior. They even understand the semantics and nuances of our language.

    • Video Games

    We have seen the development in the gaming experience over the years, and it's not just in the UI or graphics of the game, but the way computer plays also.

    If you have played the EA Sports' FIFA series, you will have noticed the stark difference between the ways the computer plays over the years. Nowadays it can even make decisions on its own as to which strategy is to be deployed and even with the gameplay there a lot of changes.

    • Smart Vehicles

    Google’s driverless car Waymo or Tesla's "autopilot' feature is changing the dynamics of the automotive industry. The day won't be too far when the car will be driven by itself, and we will be reading the newspaper.

    These technologies use Artificial intelligence to its best use with machine learning capabilities and deep learning.

    • Security Surveillance

    The days of the single person monitoring the number of video cameras for surveillance are long gone. It's not just hectic to do all that stuff, but it leaves the loopholes which could be exploited.

    Artificial Intelligence is replacing manual surveillance with intelligent security systems using different software to keep tabs on the security.

    • Email Marketing

    Artificial Intelligence is drastically changing email marketing, and its impact is pretty huge. It can help you develop the content strategy, segment the audience, develop new customer acquisition strategies etc.

    • Search Engines

    The use of Artificial Intelligence in search engines is integral to its success. On the basis of the searches made by the user, the system performs a predictive analysis with the help of AI.

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