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    Top 7 Use Cases of Redis

    Top 7 Use Cases of Redis

    Remote Dictionary Server is more commonly known as Redis works as a data structure server. Its ability to store and operate high-level databases gives it an added advantage over other data structure servers.

    Redis is an open-source data structure with a NoSQL database system. It gives Redis the flexibility to handle the large quantities of data sets without slowing down the process. We will be looking at key use cases of Redis, which will help you to understand the key usages of Redis.

    Top 7 Redis Use Cases

    Use Case of Redis for Staples

    Staples is a company, which provides stationery products across different countries around the world. Due to slow response time and high demand, Staples was facing a key issue.

    It was getting really difficult for Staples to manage a high volume of data with fast responses with its data structure server (RDBMS).

    That is when Staples approached Redis for a solution. It wanted to implement a system that will not only reduce the response but will also be able to scale to a large level. Association with Redis Enterprise helped Staples IT team to ensure just that.

    But, the benefits of collaboration with Redis Enterprise didn't end just there. Staples could save costs while maintaining a high level of performance. The partnership also ensured that fewer skilled resources were required to perform the operations.

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    Use Case of Redis for LifeLock

    LifeLock Inc. is an Arizona-based identity theft protection company, which is now a part of Symantec Corporation.

    Its software helps companies to detect fraudulent applications, and it caters to a variety of industries. LifeLock is using the services of Redis Enterprise to detect fraudulent activities.

    LifeLock needs to maintain a high level of a database to ensure that the fraudulent activities are detected and prevented in time.

    It requires a lot of effort to maintain such a huge database, and it can slow down the system, and there could be discrepancies in fraud detection.

    Understanding the critical nature of theft detection, LifeLock had to ensure that there was a negligible margin for error. Hence they decided to partner with Redis.

    This partnership ensured that the data processing took less time, and there was very little margin for error. Also, the costs associated with the database maintenance and execution were lessened due to this alliance.

    Use Case of Redis for Etermax

    Etermax, a Buenos Aires, Argentina based gaming company, is known for its Pictionary online games.

    It was previously using an open-source version of Redis, but as the company grew, Etermx had reached the limits of open-source platforms. Hence it decided to upgrade to Redis’ Enterprise version.

    It allowed the company to reach out to its 25 Million+ subscribers with zero down-time.

    Etermax decided to use Redis to maintain user sensitive records like password management, user sessions, device management, query handling, and caching, amongst many other functions.

    Etermax could save 70% of its AWS infra costs while ensuring the highest throughput, high availability, and zero downtime.

    Also, effective password management and session management has helped the company to manage and help its users seamlessly.

    Use Case of Redis for Netmeds

    Netmeds, an Indian online pharmacy distributor, caters to pharmacy products all across the country.

    It was the first e-commerce based pharmacy company in India, and the demand for ordering the meds online was on the rise in the country. It led to high traffic and a slowing down of its AWS ElastiCache.

    Netmeds turned to Redis to find a solution to this issue. Redis helped out Netmeds in improving their performance by bringing down their considerable high downtime from about an hour to zero.

    The number of orders which averaged around 750 orders per 30 minutes earlier, was expected to see a spike insight of the upcoming marketing event. Hence, the collaboration of Netmeds with Redis couldn't have been more timely.

    Thereafter, the highest levels of traffic were handled with great ease, thanks to Redis' effective caching and session store operations.

    Use Case of Redis for Udemy

    Udemy, a California based online learning company, has more than 30 million students. Its range of courses varies from photography to digital marketing.

    This requires maintaining not only a big amount of data but also huge efforts to ensure a seamless user experience with high personalization.

    Being an online platform, it wanted to reach out across the entire world while diversifying the courses in its arsenal.

    Udemy had sought out help from Redis Enterprise to achieve a high level of personalization while maintaining a zero down-time.

    Udemy needed to maximize its efficiency and cater to various students across the world without having to face any glitches.

    The partnership with Redis meant that Udemy could achieve these objectives without much hassle and deliver its students a highly personalized, tailor-made content 24 by 7.

    Use Case of Redis for Utilitywise

    Utilitywise, a UK-based energy services company bridges the consumer supplier gap. The company has consulted more than 30000 clients to use energy more efficiently.

    Utilitywise wanted to reduce downtime with its IoT application and hence approached Redis Labs for its enterprise edition. The partnership did not only reduce the downtime, but it helped Utilitywise to enhance its performance.

    The other key objectives were to integrate content caching, real-time data ingestion, and improving analytics.

    The partnership helped the company to achieve these objectives, along with high availability and much-improved reliability.

    Use Case of Redis for Inovonics

    Inovonics, a California based company, is one of the market leaders in the wireless sensor networks. It operates globally and has deployed more than 10 million devices across the world.

    The dataset of Inovonics was largely scattered, and it wanted to centralize all the data on the Google Cloud Platform.

    The core reason behind this centralization was to create a system through which Inovonics could get more insights and build an analytics system, which would help the company to deliver its customers' new products.

    It decided to partner with Redis Labs to achieve this objective.

    The collaboration helped Inovonics not only get the actionable insights from thousands of sensors, but it could also minimize the maintenance, operation hassle by a considerable amount.

    Inovonics could deliver its customers the desired products with high availability, flexibility, and reliability with the Cloud IoT platform.

    Key Takeaways:

    If we take a good look at the examples of Redis, which we discussed above, we can conclude that Redis is more effective in improving data ingestion, data caching, queuing, and availability, amongst many other functionalities.

    With Redis, you can have a robust platform that can handle & process huge amounts of data pretty comfortably and without having to risk the downtimes.

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