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    Top 8 Security Solutions for IoT

    Top 8 Security Solutions for IoT

    The internet has managed to bring the world a lot closer than we would have ever expected. We can connect with anyone on the opposite end of the sphere in a matter of seconds. Another thing that the internet has enabled us to do is talk to machines.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to interact with everyday devices around us. Like all things, there are certain challenges that entail. Communication with machines includes the use of data. This data can be hacked and misused if it falls into the wrong hands. This creates a need for a security solution for IoT, especially in an industrial setup. Let’s have a look at them.

    Best Eight IoT Security Solutions

    A number of security solutions for IoT are available in the market today. Let us take a look at the eight best IoT security solutions to secure your devices and network today:

    Palo Alto Networks

    One of the most known names in the IoT industry, Palo Alto Networks provides a complete IoT security solution.

    Their ML-powered platform provides visibility and enforcement along with prevention.

    The Palo Alto Networks platform is capable of keeping your devices safe from threats. The solution also provides alerts to users on an incident of a security breach. It easily integrates with your existing infrastructure and workflows.

    Their solution continuously monitors your systems to detect any anomalies, access risks, and respond to threats and vulnerabilities.

    Their cloud-based solution provides innovative techniques to keep the system safe with minimal impact on the user’s operations.


    FirstPoint’s IoT Security solution is focused on providing security to cellular IoT devices. Their solution aims to eliminate device manipulation, thus protecting sensitive data and protecting your devices as well.

    Any SIM-based device can be protected with FirstPoint’s Cybersecurity-as-a-Service solution, be it public or private networks.

    It works at the network level and provides constant monitoring for known or unknown threats in the IoT arena. It detects, provides alerts, and blocks all suspicious communication for all devices.

    Their most crucial features include:

    • Device-agnostic: The solution works with any and all devices with mobile connectivity.
    • Future-proof: Any device from 2G-5G and beyond can be protected with their solution.
    • Scalable: The solution can be implemented in all industries, from energy to healthcare, and can be scaled as required by the system.
    • Centralized visibility: All the devices can be managed centrally from a single platform.

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    Armis’ solution aims to provide security to all connected unmanaged and IoT devices.

    This security solution discovers all managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices connected to your network. It analyzes the behaviors and identifies risks to protect your system from known or unknown threats.

    Armis monitors all the devices in your network, including but not limited to phones, printers, medical devices, industrial controls, and smart TVs, among others.

    Armi’s core features include:

    • Agentless: It does not need any device or particular configuration to install. It does not cause any disruption in the functioning of the devices.
    • Passive: It does not impact the organization’s network.
    • Frictionless: It installs in minutes on the pre-existing infrastructure.


    Trustwave provides you with managed IoT security Solution. It analyzes the network to find vulnerabilities in your network.

    The managed solution monitors and tests all the objects in your network and also the cloud services that interact with them. It does so to reduce the risk of compromising your system.

    This enables the system to find vulnerabilities and deploy quick-fixes ahead of time to counter the attacks.

    Their IoT security system provides you with:

    • Knowledge about the assets in your system.
    • Ability to discover the weak points in your servers, applications, and APIs.
    • Reduced risk of compromised devices.

    This leads to lesser risk against Dos attacks, privacy violations, and system hijackings, among other risks.


    Forescout is an IoT security platform that helps you detect all IoT devices and gateways on the system to ensure there are no invisible devices operating in your IoT ecosystem.

    When using multiple IoT devices, with each device having its own different protocol, it is difficult to track them all using a single monitoring agent.

    The solution for this is a software that can patch all IoT devices on a single communication platform to ensure there are no missing links. Forescout promises to provide complete visibility. It works on the zero-trust principle to identify IoT devices and secure them. The IoT device owners can specify the communication type for appropriate communication between the devices.


    Mobileum is an IoT Security software that provides a unique firewall that allows seamless connectivity and communication between your IoT devices but also provides multi-protocol correlation to ensure only the right communication goes through.

    Mobileum secures the M2M communication and protects the system against vulnerabilities that could lead to disruptions in service. With Mobileum, users can ensure the highest level of data protection and protection from IoT fraud.

    The security tool is highly scalable and can incorporate a large number of devices under a single umbrella.Moreover, Mobileum is 5G ready and can support IoT deployments on the 5G network.


    CyberMDX works with the security of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) devices. It protects your system and devices from being compromised, making them available to you at all times.

    With CyberMDX, the users get continuous real-time visibility of their devices. This provides the users with real-time threat detection. The users are then able to tackle attempts of unauthorized system access.

    CyberMDX provides the users with an overview of the risks the system is vulnerable to, focusing on the weak points in the system.

    The solution improves the security of the system without interfering with the physical infrastructure.


    Fortinet provides security for IoT devices through their solution – FortiNAC. Here NAC stands for Network Access Security.

    It is available in two formats: as an application and as a virtual machine.

    It is a zero-trust solution for network access. It secures the system by authorizing and authenticating users and devices, denial of unsecured devices, restricting access to unsecured devices, and limited guest networking access.

    Key features of FortiNAC that help secure IoT devices include:

    • Network visibility to check the location of devices as they join the network.
    • Network Control to limit the access of devices.
    • Automated response to improve reaction time to incidents.


    The above-mentioned IoT Security Tools are handy for enterprises and end-users looking for able security solutions for their IoT devices. It is important to understand that the safety of data and communication between the devices is a necessity and not a luxury.

    Your data in the wrong hands is not something you want or could afford. In the age when information is power, no data can be taken lightly. Hence, it is preferable to opt for an able IoT Security tool for your Io devices. The mentioned list is an excellent place to begin. A solution provided here will definitely be good to handle the security of your IoT devices and data.

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