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    Social Media Strategies for Talent Acquisition

    Social Media Strategies for Talent Acquisition

    Most of us have either searched for jobs or have searched the best candidates for our organizations.

    With the continuous growth in technology, we have shifted our focus from posting the jobs in newspapers to posting them on employment portals, websites, and even on our social media pages.

    One of the main reasons behind this is the presence of candidates on these platforms, the convenience, and of access these platforms offer.

    We will be discussing how social media can improve and enhance the performance of your HR team and help them to headhunt the right candidates in this article.

    Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media channel, it can help your HR team in various aspects. In particular, active presence on social media can help you to solve the most crucial aspect recruiters face i.e., Talent Acquisition.

    Benefits of Social Media Recruiting

    As a job seeker, the first thing an applicant does is register with the various job portals available to them and the second thing they do is go through the LinkedIn page of the company they are seeking to apply for.

    Recruiters can benefit from this by having an active presence and having updated information on a company’s LinkedIn page.

    Social media can help the recruiters to achieve the following things from a talent acquisition perspective.

    Broaden the Talent Pool

    Social media tools can give access to recruiters to target a broader range of talent across the globe. The barriers of geographical boundaries no longer play spoilsport in getting the right candidate for your organization.

    You can also learn a lot about the skills a potential candidate possesses by going through their LinkedIn profiles. You can scrutinize and shortlist the candidate pool as per your requirement.

    Improve Brand Image

    The social media platforms can help organizations to build & improve their brand image with more visibility.

    When your official page on social media reflects the ethos and values of your brand, it helps you to grow the overall perception of your organization from a job seeker’s perspective.

    Access to Analytics Tools to Understand the Traffic Flow

    You can access the user flow and page visits with the analytics platforms which these social media tools provide.

    This information can help you keep track of every post and understand how to reach the target audience i.e., job seekers, and simplify the process of shortlisting the candidates.

    Post the Vacancies

    The social media tools also help you to post various job openings available in your organization and also allows you to set and filter out the recruitment process with their premium accounts.

    It helps you to reduce the time and money required to shortlist a candidate in an easy and convenient manner.

    Now that we have understood the benefits of social media let's go through some statistics which further emphasize the role of social media.

    Job Search Statistics

    • According to a LinkedIn survey, 62% of candidates listed this career site as a top channel for researching jobs.
    • As per another LinkedIn survey, HR teams with a data-driven recruiting process are 2x more likely to find talent faster.

    Let's take a look at another exciting stat regarding the popular network from a job seeker’s and recruiter’s point of view.

    social media for Talent acquisition

    Social Media Strategies for Talent Acquisition

    Build up the Presence on Social Media

    You can start building the brand presence by taking active participation in discussions or by being easily accessible to the potential candidates. Try to be more helpful and have a positive impact and engage in conversations with the applicants.

    People always like to work in an open, friendly, and active environment. These strategies can help you to build a social media reputation thereby improving brand presence.

    Active Employee Participation in Posting & Sharing content

    Encourage your employees to share the content posted on the official company page. This creates a good impression of your brand and makes it more legit from all the perspectives.

    But don’t ask them to over-indulge in it. It may come off as spammy. Also, ask your employees to create posts and mention the company with the relevant hashtags to gain more visibility.

    An Active Presence on Groups

    Join various industry groups and other relevant groups to your business. Start having conversations on these groups.

    Try to have a positive impact and discuss key topics. Also, do the job postings on these groups and ask for referrals from other group members.

    Asking a referral is always considered as one of the best practices for social media recruiting as it not only saves time but also gives you a higher probability of getting the right candidates for your business.

    Keep the content in Sync with Ethos and Values of your Organization

    Always keep the content that you are posting in synchronization with the ethos and values of your organization. This practice does not only helps you to have the same vibe but also improves the brand image.

    Include Interactive Posts (Videos, Infographics)

    Whenever you are posting content on social media platforms, always include interactive posts such as videos and infographics.

    These types of posts bring more responses are as they are easy-to-understand as well as easy modes to explain your message across the platforms.

    Don't always share the job-related posts; sometimes mix it up with some educational posts or awareness posts which can help you build a brand image and maintain a positive image of your brand.

    Use Ad Platforms to Reach Out to Target Audience with Conviction

    Whenever you are posting job-posts, try using ad platforms such as LinkedIn Ads to cover up as much of your target audience.

    These ads will not only help you in audience coverage, but you can also set the filters as per your requirements and fine-tune your intended audience.

    These platforms also offer analytics tools.

    These tools can help you to understand the coverage of your message and also help you to identify the response your post is receiving.

    This will help you to alter/modify the content of the post if the ad is performing poorly or help you to set the standard ads easily if performing as per your expectations.

    Always Remember:

    More and more job seekers are searching for their desired job on social media channels and job portals, so just having a presence on these platforms won’t help you to headhunt the desired candidates, you need to have a defined strategy and a concrete plan to execute that strategy.

    These social media channels can only simplify the talent acquisition process and save your time if used shrewdly.

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