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    Threat Intelligence Use Cases

    What are the Best Threat Intelligence Use Cases?

    Cyber-attackers are finding new ways to breach through the cyber-defenses of companies. And to counter that, companies are using innovative technologies. Threat intelligence technology plays a major role in cybersecurity enhancement.

    We will be looking at some of the prominent use cases of threat intelligence to understand the scope & applications.

    Here are the Top Threat Intelligence Use Cases

    Progress Bank

    Progress Bank, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, wanted to go beyond the SIEM network. It wanted to increase the scope of its cybersecurity.

    The key challenges for the bank were to improve system logs and packet visibility. Along with this, creating equal threat intelligence feeds. The bank’s cybersecurity structure back then was not able to detect threat levels at network levels as well as system logs.

    Also, the bank’s IT team wanted a solution that can consume feeds through the STIX protocol. As the cybersecurity back in the day didn’t provide the same, the IT team decided to go for a threat intelligence solution.

    Progress Bank partnered with Perch Security to deliver a threat intelligence solution.

    The collaboration with Perch Security allowed the bank to have a solution that could consume feeds through the STIX protocol. It could also detect threats at the network level and the system level.

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    Allegiant Technology

    Allegiant Technology, headquartered in Kansas City, is a renowned IT company. It provides consultation to many small to medium businesses (SMBs) on cybersecurity.

    Many of the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are promoting cybersecurity as an essential feature.

    As cybersecurity technologies are evolving every day, it is becoming difficult to get the best solution.

    Allegiant Technology wanted to give its customers the best advice on the choice of MSPs. In order to do that, it decided to partner with Perch Security to develop a Weighted Decision Matrix.

    This matrix basically contains a rating system on various important criteria.

    This matrix allows the Allegiant Technology to understand its clients’ needs.  It also helps to evaluate the options, and suggest the best solution.

    This has simplified Allegiant’s consultation process. It has helped to improve the consultation standards too.

    Brunswick Corporation

    Brunswick Corporation is headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, Chicago. It is one of the market leaders in recreation and lifestyle.

    The key challenge for the Brunswick's IT team was to ensure that its cybersecurity techniques were in sync with the latest best practices. It wanted to prevent cyber-attacks by bolstering its network security model.

    To overcome these challenges, Brunswick’s IT team decided to partner with Cisco. Cisco Umbrella Investigate provides the threat intelligence solution that the corporation required.

    Its ability to find out the domain activity, network-level threats have come in handy. Also, incident responses and data enrichment have eased the IT team's task considerably.

    Along with it, the collaboration has helped Brunswick's IT team to centralize all the data.

    It has also helped improve the incident responses and prevent potential cyber-threats.

    Ardagh Group

    The Ardagh Group is a Luxembourg-based, one of the largest glass and metal manufacturing company. It is a highly distributed company (across 22 countries).

    Its cyberinfrastructure is agile and protected locally. But it becomes difficult to manage the cloud platforms and connected devices.

    It wanted to find hidden and unknown attackers across the globe with an AI-powered threat detection solution. To overcome this challenge, the company decided to partner with Vectra Security.

    This collaboration helped to detect hidden threats & anomalies. Also, it has improved visibility across all the devices, platforms, and data centers.

    It has also helped to simplify threat investigation with an automated process. This process can analyze and predict the blind spots through which cyber-attacks can take place.

    Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

    The Bolton NHS Foundation Trust is situated in Farnworth, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. It provides healthcare services for the people in Bolton and the surrounding area.

    The Bolton NHS takes pride in patient information confidentiality. They knew that the evolving nature of cyber-attacks could lead to a data breach. Hence they decided to implement a threat intelligence system.

    The key challenge the trust faced was developing a system that can constantly monitor and detect anomalies. It could help to anticipate and prevent cyber-attacks.

    They also wanted to automate the process of threat detection and appropriate response across all the platforms. These platforms included data centers, cloud platforms, and IoT devices.

    The trust decided to partner with Vectra Security to solve the challenges. This has helped to create an automated threat detection and response process as required.

    It helped the trust to improve visibility for hidden attacks. It also helped to deliver an AI-powered threat hunting platform.

    Key Takeaways

    Threat intelligence tools can help you to detect, analyze, and respond to cyber-threats across all the devices.

    With these threat intelligence examples, we can see that it is easy to create automated systems to detect threats at the network level. You can create a system to evaluate the best solutions too.

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