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    Top APM Tools for Businesses

    Top 13 APM Tools for Businesses

    APM stands for Application Performance Management or Application Performance Monitoring. APM refers to the process of managing applications.

    Top APM tools are an important asset to businesses. It helps businesses manage and optimize application performance.

    APM is a diagnostic tool. It monitors the transactions, infrastructures, user experiences, and an app’s performance levels.

    List of Top 13 APM Tools for businesses:

    Microsoft SCOM

    Microsoft SCOM refers to System Center-Operations Manager. The enterprise software manager monitors infrastructure for cost-efficiency.

    It is an out-of-the-box APM tool it provides solutions for businesses of all sizes. It creates, monitors, manages, and automates infrastructures and all-around workflows.

    Key Features:

    • It assists businesses with Operations Management and monitors infrastructures.
    • It streamlines information to help organizations deploy OpsMgr components for incident management systems.
    • It provides both, a database and a data warehouse while installing.
    • It Gateway server reduces vulnerabilities and secures the network.
    • It is customizable and has modules to track the infrastructure.
    • It collaborates with Azure Monitor to access data queries in LogAnalytics.

    New Relic

    New Relic is a powerful SaaS-based APM tool. It is an essential tool for developers which makes it an industry-leading APM tool.

    It serves clients globally to improve their software & application performance. It helps developers create the perfect software.

    It analyzes, troubleshoots, and optimizes the entire software stack.

    Key Features:

    • It is an observability platform.
    • It provides APM for mobile apps, advanced browser monitoring, and infrastructure monitoring.
    • It tracks SQL statements to detect slow performance.
    • It enables SQL Queries analysis.
    • It provides clear visualization of an entire software stack.
    • It tracks WordPress-specific functionalities like hooks, plugins, and themes.
    • Its code-level diagnostics allows deployment analysis, history, and comparison of the application.


    Dynatrace earlier known as Compuware APM is a self-learning APM tool. It uses AI technology to optimize and track application performance.

    According to Richard Weber, Senior Product Manager at SAP, “Before, we had blind spots, but with Dynatrace we can see everything. The automation it provides gives us back the time that we can invest into developing the features and services our customers expect.”

    Key Features:

    • It provides insights for any application and environment.
    • It provides optimization and resolves problems.
    • It manages dynamic layers of environments.
    • It provides full-stack observation of infrastructures.
    • It controls host and process level network traffic.
    • It auto-discovers all application components and dependencies using AIOps.


    Datadog is a modern APM tool. It provides full-stack visibility for applications, servers, and cloud-based platforms.

    Its distributed tracing technology offers in-depth visibility for applications. It enables developers to analyze and isolate discrepancies which improve user experience.

    Key Features:

    • It provides unlimited end-to-end tracing from the frontend to the database.
    • It has a customizable dashboard and visualizes performance.
    • It allows code-level visibility to track and analyze problems.
    • The 100% live search and analytics by any tag identifies impact on users or transactions.
    • It collaborates with Real User Monitoring to observe the front-end and back-end performance.

    BMC Software APM

    BMC Software APM is an AI-enabled SaaS APM tool. It aims to deliver a complete view of application performance and end-user experience.

    Key Features:

    • It improves user experience and monitors errors well in advance.
    • It provides an end-to-end observation of application performance and user experience.
    • It can diagnose and prioritize tasks depending on their severity and impact.


    Opsview specializes in monitoring the cloud and IT infrastructure. The tool provides an automated and unified approach to manage multiple applications.

    Key Features:

    • It handles multiple on-premises, cloud, or hybrid applications.
    • It provides a single view of the infrastructure and monitors business applications.
    • It monitors Office 365 applications.
    • It manages website applications, servers, and databases like Apache, Varnish, Jenkins, etc.
    • Its built-in monitoring system support AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.


    AppDynamics provides SaaS and on-premise APM solutions. In 2017, Cisco acquires AppDynamics.

    Its new application-first tool integrates the application and security team. It protects real-time crucial data with Cisco Secure Application.

    According to Nemo Hajiyusuf, Software Engineering Manager at Alaska Airlines, “With AppDynamics, our mean time to detection went from hours to less than 10 minutes, which is a huge win for us.”

    Key Features:

    • It turns performance to profit by understanding user and application response.
    • It correlates full-stack performance to key business aspects to resolve any discrepancies.
    • It detects and removes errors from applications at the code-level.
    • It provides a world-class network of technologies to sustain dynamic business goals.

    ManageEngine Application Manager

    ManageEngine Application Manager is a complete software APM tool. It is built with the aim to assist businesses and their dynamic goals.

    In 2020, Gartner Magic Quadrant recognized for the 8th time in a decade as a top APM tool.

    Key Features:

    • It provides performance insight for the applications’ data center and cloud.
    • It is a simple solution and is set up within minutes.
    • It offers solutions for over 100 applications and infrastructures.
    • It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries looking for an easy APM tool.
    • It also provides monitoring for multi-clouds, databases, containers, and ERP.

    Oracle Enterprise Manager

    Oracle Enterprise Manager is a comprehensive APM tool. It is a PaaS-based solution that offers deep visibility in application performance.

    e-Businesses today, depend on applications to enable crucial processes for online performance. Here, Oracle’s APM supports Oracle and non-Oracle platforms.

    Key Features:

    • It provides synthetic transaction monitoring and its instances.
    • It identifies multi-layer infrastructure and application topology.
    • It achieves better alignment for businesses and IT in comparison to other APM tools.
    • It isolates and identifies errors with rich reporting and analytic aspects.

    IDERA Precise

    IDERA Precise is an integrated APM solution. It monitors application and relational database performance for many platforms.

    Its components possess extensive diagnostic capabilities. It consists of a framework and multiple agents.

    It is highly recommended to install the framework and agents on a strong server.

    Key Features:

    • It delivers an automatic dashboard and enables swift comprehensions.
    • It analyzes historical data and detects potential problems and recommends corrective actions.
    • It supports a federated architecture for deployment in multiple frameworks.
    • It offers global resources like users, nodes, and permissions.

    Stackify Retrace

    Stackify Retrace is a cloud-based APM tool. It enhances the process of monitoring and troubleshooting app errors.

    It is called Retrace due to its ability to backtrack and observe code-level features.

    Key Features:

    • It is a SaaS-based APM tool to improve developers’ skills.
    • It identifies bugs during development and QA.
    • It has a very low overhead.
    • It is easy to use and install.
    • It collates errors, manages logs, and is optimized for developers.

    Dell Foglight

    Dell Foglight is a user experience APM tool. It merges user and application data into a unified transaction model.

    Dell acquires Quest software in 2012. Quest Software has been a known leader for APM.

    Dell Foglight along with Quest’s solution monitors application performance.

    Key Features:

    • It provides a variety of analytical dashboards.
    • It discovers and solves errors in the application, virtual environments, and databases.
    • It integrates with other APM tools which makes it flexible to use.


    Top APM tools provide complete monitoring of applications. In comparison, these tools may seem very different, but they do have basic similarities.

    In this article, the emphasis falls on the list features each APM tool possesses. APM Open-Source tools like Apache Skywalking APM, Pinpoint, App Metrics, etc have been very popular.

    There can be many different comparisons between the APM tools. Businesses should opt for the tools that would cater to their current and future objectives.

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