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    Top Benefits of System Management on Mobile Device

    What is MDM (Mobile Device Management)?

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) gives IT admins the control to monitor and manage the various mobile devices that access sensitive business data. MDM enables the IT admins to store essential information about the mobile devices by deciding what applications can be present on the devices, locating them and securing the devices in case they are stolen or lost. Due to the wide use of mobile devices in business, MDM has now evolved into Enterprise Mobility Management.

    It further improves business data security by monitoring, managing, securing mobile devices. MDM Solutions enables admins to distribute privacy policies to devices. With the ever-increasing number of mobile devices, more and more companies are turning to MDM.

    How mobile device management works?

    Mobile Device Management software can be stored on both cloud and physical devices. It has a management console through which the IT Admins can control the mobile devices.
    These mobile devices need to be connected to the internet to be controlled by the MDM software.
    The devices can be enrolled in the MDM software by vendor specific enrolment process which includes email conformation, OTP, NFC confirmation, etc.
    MDM console can be used to push configurations and applications to mobile devices over the air (OTA).

    Top Benefits of system management on mobile device


    Mobile Device Management Features


    Security is the most important challenge and aspect for any business. MDM solutions include a range of features to keep the business data safe. MDM solutions include enhanced security such as application blacklisting, virus, and malware detection. MDM solutions can also include features which identify devices that have been jailbroken or compromised. It also helps the company to identify what information is being shared and can also immediately lock the device in case of any suspicious activity.


    Many MDM solutions have features such as role based access control which allows the administrators to control who has the access to what amount of information. Many biometric scans, passwords can also be used to check whether the person accessing the information is an authentic user or not.

    Secure internet access and communication

    An MDM solution provides its users with a secure web connection with a VPN in place so that they can access business data remotely and securely.


    Encryption is another security feature in which the MDM solution encrypts the data such as mails, messages, etc. which can only be accessed on the native operating system. This encryption can be done on both device and app levels.

    Where and when devices can be used

    Geofencing or time-fencing features can be used to control when and where a device or certain applications can be used. For example, a device can be automatically locked when it leaves the business facility, or social media applications may only be accessible during lunch breaks or after hours.

    Employee’s Individual Privacy

    Now that more and more employees are using their personal devices for work purposes, there comes a threat to their personal space. To solve this issue, MDM solutions might encrypt a particular amount of storage on the device for business apps only or by using mobile app management by letting the employees know that their employers are only accessing their business data.


    MDM solutions may integrate with various security and business applications to facilitate efficient management. It allows an administrator to access all the functions in one place rather than switching back and forth.


    This feature allows the administrator to overview device status, security update, usage, device health, etc.

    Why Would A Company Want To Implement Mobile Device Management?

    Enhanced Security

    MDM ensures to keep business data protected and makes sure that a company continues its control over the data. If a device is lost or stolen, MDM can remotely lock and wipe sensitive data. MDM lets businesses gain centralized control over policies, applications, and other functions. It blocked unsafe websites. It keeps corporate data and applications safe from the threat of malware and data breaches.

    Reduce Costs

    MDM reduces cost by allowing the users to bring their personal devices to the workplace to save on employee device costs. Other security features such as malware and virus protection save the data from various threats and thus save a lot of time and resources.

    Gain Efficiency

    MDM solutions enable the admin to remotely access, update, remove applications, policies, and settings from one management dashboard. Because MDM software is centrally managed, it reduces the time and resources spent on IT administration.

    Mobile Device Management Tools


    Scalefusion is a comprehensive MDM solution that offers an extensive range of features to manage and secure a variety of devices used for business purposes. Businesses using this solution can manage smartphones, laptops, desktops, rugged devices, POS systems, kiosks, digital signage, etc. It offers both cloud and on-premise deployment. Key features

    • Multi-OS support for Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux
    • Remote troubleshooting with VoIP support
    • Polygonal geofencing and location tracking

    ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

    This is a free MDM solution that can monitor desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It supports multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android. It is available on-premises and in the cloud.
    Key features
    • It supports Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android.
    • Grants remote device control
    • Enables device scanning

    AirWatch Workspace ONE

    It is an MDM tool used to remotely manage devices. With AirWatch Workspace One multiple device can be configured with the Apple Device Enrolment Program, Know Mobile Enrolment, and Android zero-touch enrolment.
    Key features:
    • Configure multiple devices
    • Automatically deploy applications
    • Use of onboarding workflow to add new devices

    BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management

    It is a solution designed for monitoring IoT devices. Through one centralized user interface, an admin can get an overview of devices, users, and applications in use throughout the network. The tool supports Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.
    Key features:
    • Manage device policies
    • Supports iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows, and Mac OS
    • Activate uses with a QR code

    Citrix Endpoint Management

    It enables users to track devices, applications, and platforms from one console. Citrix Endpoint Management supports Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS, tvOS, iPadOS, Android, Android Enterprise, Chrome OS, and Citrix.
    Key features:
    • Remote monitoring & device management
    • Machine learning and Analytics
    • Integrations with Azure Active Directory and Okta

    SOTI MobiControl

    It is an endpoint management solution that can monitor multiple devices from one location. SOTI MobiControl supports Windows XP, Windows CE, Mac OS, iOS, and Android
    Key features:
    • Remote viewing
    • Remote control
    • Integrations with Apple DEP, Android zero-touch enrolment, Samsung KME, Windows Autopilot, and Zebra StageNow

    IBM MaaS360

    It is an enterprise mobility management solution that supports Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices. With IBM MaaS360 admins can monitor the data usage of devices in real-time and send updates to mobile applications from one centralized location. Application updates can be sent to Windows and Mac OS devices for apps like Java, Adobe, Flash, Apple iTunes, and more.
    Key features:
    • Real-time data usage monitoring
    • Malware detection and remediation
    • 24/7customer support

    Cisco Meraki

    Management of laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets is covered by Cisco Meraki. The management console of this solution includes a map showing the locations of all the managed devices. It can communicate with devices running Windows, macOS, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, and Samsung Knox.

    The Miradore Mobile Device Management

    It is a free of charge online service-based package. It can manage Windows 10 and macOS computers and mobile devices running iOS and Android. A map in the dashboard shows exactly where all the devices are located. The device can send notifications of any status change to the control console.

    Jamf Now

    It is a mobile device management system that only controls iOS devices. It is a cloud-based system that provides free service for the first three devices.


    It is a cloud-based MDM that supports iOS, Android mobile devices, and portable storage. SimplySecure Management System can cover desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and USB storage.


    MDM keeps the business data protected and ensures that company retains control over confidential information. If a mobile device is lost or stolen, MDM can remotely lock and wipe all data. Remote locking and wiping capabilities enable companies to keep devices and data secure.
    MDM increases productivity, reduces threat and allows more control over the management functions.

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