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    Top Cyber Threats 2019

    Top Five Cyber-threats for 2019


    In this age of digital transformation, the biggest challenge Organizations face comes from cyber-threats. As we are making a shift towards the cloud, our organizational data is getting vulnerable to the constant cyber-threats.

    The cyber-attacks aren’t limited to large organizations as they were a couple of years ago. Nowadays even small organizations are also getting hit by cyber-attacks.

    The purpose of this blog is to understand the most dangerous cyber-threats so we can develop a concrete strategy to prevent data loss. The table below demonstrates the comparisons between the problems we faced in 2014 and the problems we are facing right now.

    2014 2018
    Organizations victimized by one or more successful cyber-attacks 62% 77%
    Optimism for dodging a successful cyber attack in the coming year 62% 38%
    IT security’s weakest links Mobile devices Laptops/notebooks Social media Containers Mobile devices Cloud infrastructure
    IT security’s greatest inhibitors Low-security awareness among employees Lack of skilled IT security personnel
    Greatest cyberthreat concerns Malware Spear  phishing Malware Spear phishing
    Hottest network security technology planned for acquisition Next-generation firewall (NGFW) Advanced malware analysis
    Hottest endpoint security technology planned for acquisition Advanced  malware analysis Containerization / micro-virtualization
    Change in next year’s IT security budget No change Increase 5-9%

    Top Five Cyber-Threats


    Ransomware has been the biggest threat for the last five-odd years, and they are still expected to be the top cyber-threat. This has been causing the most damage and considered the most dangerous threat amongst the types of cyber-threats.

    Ransomware is a type of software that encrypts the data until the asked ransom is paid. Most of the ransomware is sent through the email attachments, and once you open the email, the virus downloads itself and starts corrupting the files on the computer.

    Possible Remedies:

    As they say, prevention is better than cure, the best way forward for preventing the ransomware is to identifying the ransomware with the effective protective measures.

    Educating your staff by letting them know the type of emails that generally contain such viruses and asking them not to open them or asking them not to download the attachments from the unknown sources.


    Phishing is generally an attempt to gain personal data by posing as a known authority; normally an online service or a bank. Spear phishing has caused tremendous data loss for many organizations. The main reason behind this is they seem to be completely authentic and genuine making it more difficult to understand the difference.

    Possible Remedies:

    Ask your employees not to share the sensitive information as no company will ask for your personal data for official use. Also implement an effective firewall, spam filters to prevent them from falling into the inbox.

    Data Loss:

    The data loss has been one of the prominent factors for many organizations. With concepts like BYOD or the use of unknown sources and the use of different devices cause data loss.

    Possible Remedies:

    The data loss prevention methods have been the top priority of many of the security experts. An effective way is to secure the end-points of the devices being used.


    Most of the hackers have been breaching the firewalls and hacking the website and gaining access to the confidential data of the organizations. In addition to that; with technological advancements, the hackers now deploy the bots to do the hacking on their behalf.

    Possible Remedies:

    Having a clear strategy to prevent hackers from breaching security measures is an essential strategy to prevent hackers.

    Also, having the well-versed and technically efficient resources and clear cybersecurity strategy can prevent the hacking.

    Inside vulnerability

    The employees of the organization sometimes unknowingly or on purpose leak the data. This cyber-threat is also growing, and it's expected to be among the list of cyber threats.

    Possible Remedies:

    Effective endpoint management helps the organization from preventing data theft. And also having a clear strategy and setting up the protocols also help the organizations.

    Key Takeaways:

    In this age of digital transformation, the data is considered the most important asset of an organization. The companies are investing more in cybersecurity.

    The cyber-attacks are also growing, and they are using different tactics to breach the security measures of an organization. In order to prevent cyber-attacks, constant vigilance is required.

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