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    User Behavior Analytics Tools

    Top 6 User Behavior Analytics Tools

    Need for User Behavior Analytics tools

    We all know data is a crucial element of success for any organization. It can be used for anything from analytics to statistics and data protection to breach prevention.

    The hacking incidents are getting more frequent and advanced in our surroundings. Therefore, the best options available in the market for data prevention are starting to fade away.

    That’s why the need for user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) arises.

    Where a firewall and anti-virus keeps your data safe; UEBA, on the other hand, helps you to track your data usage along with gathering the insight of network events which a user generates every day.

    The primary focus of a user behavior analytics tool is to keep an eye on what the user is doing.

    A UBA or UEBA tool is capable of tracking human behavior patterns. It also applies these patterns with different algorithms and statistical analysis. The result here helps you deduce some anomalies, which could identify a potential threat.

    So, in the next course of this blog, we will try to understand some of the top user behavior analytics tools.

    Here are Top 6 UEBA Tools Available in the Market

    RSA NetWitness UEBA

    RSA is a well-known organization that offers unified solutions for managing digital risks. With an impressive count of 2 billion consumers, RSA has become one of the top leading organizations to provides UEBA solutions.

    They have provided security to more than 30,000 organizations.

    Let’s have a look at some of the top features of this tool: 

    • RSA has a zero-touch, turn-key approach wherein you don’t need to set any rule for the application, and nether it requires any metadata to customize. This application is built in such a way that it will understand your working environment by itself.
    • You will receive the alert notification form the application when the threat level exceeds the risk score.
    • This application is highly capable of processing billions of events per day, which includes individual behavior tracking and suspicious activity tracking.

    Price: Enterprise plan will cost you $8200 per month.  

    Aruba IntroSpect

    Aruba is a Hewlett Packard enterprise company that is proficient in UEBA. Aruba Introspect uses machine learning for investigation, detection, and prioritizing the event of an attack.

    Here are some of the top features of Aruba Introspect:

    • With the help of machine learning, which is inbuilt in this application, you could monitor both individual and group activities.
    • With an easy to understand dashboard, you could get instant visibility to any attack or suspicious activity.
    • Within a click, you will receive full records of the investigation.
    • In this application, attack measuring or detection and forensics work together for deeply analyzing the event.

    Price: $118,524.00 and you also get a leasing option where you have to pay at least $6,126.51 per month.

    Fortinet’s FortiInsight

    Fortinet’s introduced FortiInsight in the first quarter of 2019 with the aim of curbing insider threats.

    Let’s have a look at some of the key features of this tool:

    • It also provides you a key feature of data movement where you can track your data flow, both online and offline.
    • Machine learning technology works with your rule (which you set in the application) for providing you with insights to any abnormal behavior.
    • This application has a rule set and it’s powered by AI which helps to detect threats from insider activities.
    • You will get the support from the FortiInsight if you have installed the application on the Windows operating system.

    Price: “HPE Aruba IntroSpect Analyzer 2500” 1-year subscription of 25 agents and a minimum order of 500 agents will cost you $2,337.66

    For 3 years $7,012.98 and for 5 years subscription, it will cost you $11,688.30.

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    ForcePoint is an Austin based organization which is owned by U.S defense contractor, and for the past 20 years, ForcePoint has been one of the top leading organization of information security.

    So, let's have a look at some of the key features of their tools: 

    • This tool is fully AI-based, which helps to identify real entity risks and threats.
    • ForcePoint has combined its technology with data loss prevention policies to minimize the risk factor.
    • The analytics of these tools are easy to understand, and you could make a quick decision whenever required.
    • Once you install this application in your system, you don’t require any data scientist for any specific tasks because ForcePoint allows you to make your own use cases along with its analytics.
    • With the help of dynamic visualization, you can have an easy look at the historical activities.

    Price: 3-year subscription for 1 user will cost you $183.99.

    Splunk® User Behavior Analytics

    Splunk INC. is a multinational organization, and it’s headquarter is based in San Francisco, California.

    The company is famously known for its solution for searching, monitoring, and analyzing the big data which is generated by various machines. Splunk also has a great solution for UBEA.

    So, here are some of the top features of their UEBA tool:

    • This tool is proficient in advanced threat detection.
    • Easy to understand dashboard form where you could perform most of the activities.
    • Within a click, you will get all the reports of your historical activities.
    • For more protection and accuracy in results, Splunk® User Behavior Analytics is integrated with Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk Enterprise.
    • Without any human interference, this tool is capable of self-identifying anomalous entities.

    Price: Here you have to pay as per your usage 1GB @ $150, 10 GB @ $83, 50GB @ $63 and for 100GB @ $50

    Dtex Systems

    Dtex is an Australian organization that started in 2000. Now the company is based in San Jose.

    This company is primarily into helping the other enterprises to run their operations safely. Dtex has earned its name for its ultimate solution for UEBA.

    So, here are the top key features of Dtex tool:

    • This tool will send you detailed alert notification where you will get the complete insight to the incident.
    • Dtex is also capable of a forensic audit trail.
    • Easy to review dashboard wherein you will get each and every report within a click.
    • There is an option of third party integration, which you will get with the platinum edition.

    Price: Basic plan starts at $2 per user per month.


    In this blog, we have listed out some of the top UEBA tools available in the market, and we are hoping that this list would help you to choose the most secure option for your enterprise.

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