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    UEBA Use Cases

    Top 4 User Behavior Analytics Use Cases

    How Does UBA Operate?

    User behavior analytics (UBA) is also known as user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA). In the entire architecture of UEBA, machine learning plays a crucial role.

    With the help of machine learning (ML), you can define and measure the normal behavior of each user. The procedure of measuring the behavior depends upon the historical activities of each user.

    These activities are also compared with other peer groups of the user to make sure that everything follows a pattern.

    In case if a system detects any abnormal activity, then it aggregates that through a scoring mechanism where each user got its risk score.

    In the previous blog, we talked about some of the best UEBA tools available in the market. So in this blog, we will go through some of the top use cases of UEBA to understand its applications.

    4 User Behavior Analytics Use Cases

    Forcepoint – Major U.S. Defense Contractor

    Forcepoint is a well-known cybersecurity firm, which is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Forcepoint has become one of the leading solution providers for user behavior analytics.

    It helped out one of the major U.S. defense contractors which was facing the issue of asset and resource security.

    Along with this, the defense contractor wanted to secure its IP addresses in the office. The contractor also had a connection with Pentagon, wherein they were facing the challenge of increased usage of cloud-based technology.

    Forcepoint took this challenge as an opportunity to showcase their solutions.

    They provided multiple solutions to the contractor, which included:

    • email and Web Security,
    • data loss prevention (DLP),
    • force insider threat (FIT),
    • Forcepoint Behavior Analytics (FBA),
    • and NGFW.

    The Forcepoint DLP solution continuously monitors and analyzes the user behavior in the organization, and just in case the tool detects an upcoming threat, it will alert you.

    The result was overwhelming for the defense contractor. And more than 40,000 employees continued working safely without worrying about the threats.

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    Aruba is owned by the Hewlett Packard enterprise. The organization is proficient at providing UEBA solutions.

    Maxeda was looking for a solution that could create a mobile retail experience for both channels; physical stores as well as online. They also wanted to implement WiFi, which would act as a platform for underpinning their services.

    Maxeda also wanted to standardize its IT infrastructure across all channels. Moreover, they wanted a solution that could help them in mass deployment.

    After getting all the requirements, Aruba offered them a solution that included high-density instant access points (IAPs) both inside and outside.

    They also provided them POE, which works as a master switch, from where you could access all the switches.

    Aruba also provided airwave. This solution is proficient at network management, reporting, and troubleshooting any threats.

    After configuring the solution into the system, they had successfully achieved consistent connectivity in more than 320 stores. Most importantly, now, they had a single view over their network management.

    IBM QRadar – Atea Sverige

    QRadar is one of the best IBM products. It deals with user behavior analytics. With features like detection of insider threats and individual risk scores, IBM's solution has served many customers throughout the years.

    Atea Sverige AB is a leading provider of information technology infrastructure and services.

    For ensuring the safety of the public sector where cyber threats are becoming more frequent,  Atea took an initiative to secure the small and mid-sized organization.

    As the European Union had mandated the security requirements, which had left the small and mid-sized businesses to struggle and change their security policies.

    For making a change in the market, they choose QRadar SIEM. This tool alerts you whenever an incident is detected, and it automatically responds to unknown threats.

    With the help of the IBM solution, Atea had quickly deployed the system on a chip (SOC’s) to the customers on-premises. These SOCs are the solution that Atea provided to its customers to improve their security.

    The outcome of this initiative came out brilliantly as Atea had successfully launched all the SOC within six months to all its customers.

    Observe IT - Bane Capital

    With over 1,200+ customers and operations in more than 100 countries, Observe IT has become a phenomenon in the market of UEBA.

    The company had started in 2006, with the sole focus of security to the businesses by giving them clear visibility of user activities, existing and upcoming threats.

    On the other hand, Bain Capital is an investment firm which is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Every day, investment firms are relying more on digitalization. This practice is leading many firms towards many threats.

    For Bain Capital, their legacy tool (which they used for threat detection) was too heavy at the endpoint. And, this had left many blind holes which were easy to breach.

    For controlling this situation, Bain Capital collaborated with Observe IT. Their solution had given them a top view on existing controls and helped them to build the new security compliances.


    In this blog, we had tried to analyze some of the top real-life examples of UEBA. How UEBA help organizations to keep their assets and resources safe and secure? We tried our best to portrait the worst-case multiple scenarios from where companies had survived.

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