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    AdRoll and Improvado Partnership

    AdRoll and Improvado Partner to Empower Marketers with Streamlined Cross-Channel Attribution

    SAN FRANCISCO, -- AdRoll, in partnership with Improvado, today announced the launch of an enhanced version of AdRoll’s Cross-Channel Performance Dashboard, now named Cross-Channel Attribution. This dashboard enables marketers to centralize metrics seamlessly, streamline campaign analysis and make data-driven decisions.

    With the introduction of Cross-Channel Attribution, AdRoll customers gain access to a more comprehensive view of their advertising efforts, allowing them to make better budgeting decisions through one unified screen. This enhanced version consolidates attributed urchin tracking module (UTM) data alongside conversion and revenue metrics from various sources such as ecommerce stores, customer relationship management platforms (CRMs), Google Analytics and raw (non-attributed) campaign metrics from integrated ads, email and SMS channels.

    “Performance marketers understand the critical importance of allocating budget wisely to achieve desired returns,” said Lizzie Chapman, vice president of technology partnerships and channels at AdRoll. “With Cross-Channel Attribution, AdRoll customers gain the insights needed to make better budgeting decisions, without the hassle of logging into multiple platforms, ensuring every dollar spent generates maximum return on investment.”

    Key benefits of Cross-Channel Attribution include:

    • Un-siloed Marketing Stack. Save time and frustration by centralizing consolidated metrics from various platforms.
    • Full Performance Picture. Identify channels and campaigns that deliver and assist conversions, providing insights into consumer journey paths.
    • Better Budgeting Decisions. View holistic sets of performance data to inform optimal budget allocation and maximize return on investment.

    “The Improvado and AdRoll partnership helps brands and agencies, regardless of their size, access automated marketing reporting, attribution and insights to save time and make data-driven decisions,” said Daniel Kravtsov, co-founder and CEO of Improvado. “By integrating more than 10 marketing platforms and tools, AdRoll’s Cross-Channel Attribution simplifies the process of aggregating and analyzing data, allowing businesses to gain a holistic view of their marketing performance. Powered by Improvado’s marketing intelligence and analytics platform, AdRoll customers can access enterprise-grade premium analytics in a user-friendly interface. This collaboration goes beyond streamlining data workflows. It empowers users with the agility to adapt to market changes swiftly, enhancing their competitive edge.”

    For more information about Cross-Channel Attribution and AdRoll’s partnership with Improvado, please visit

    About AdRoll
    AdRoll is a marketing and advertising platform that helps B2C businesses run, measure and optimize multi-channel, full-funnel campaigns. Powered by industry-leading AI and automation, the AdRoll platform’s machine learning analyzes both real-time and historical data to drive traffic and sales. AdRoll helps customers generate more than $246 billion in sales annually and has been used by over 140,000 businesses since 2006. AdRoll is a division of NextRoll, Inc.

    About Improvado
    Improvado is an AI-powered marketing intelligence and analytics platform designed for marketing and analytics teams to unlock the power of data to drive impactful business decisions. Improvado provides comprehensive analytics solutions for medium to large-scale enterprises and agencies. Its platform integrates, simplifies, governs and attributes complex data across diverse data sources, offering a unified, clear view of marketing ROI and performance.

    Media Contact
    Katie Jewett
    Public Relations for AdRoll
    [email protected]

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