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    NetApp Earns AAA Rating for Industry-First AI-Driven On-Box Ransomware Detection Solution

    NetApp Earns AAA Rating for Industry-First AI-Driven On-Box Ransomware Detection Solution

    NetApp® (NASDAQ: NTAP), the intelligent data infrastructure company, today announced that NetApp ONTAP® Autonomous Ransomware Protection with Artificial Intelligence (ARP/AI) has received a AAA rating from SE Labs, an independently-owned and run testing company that assesses security products and services. SE Labs validated the protection effectiveness of NetApp ARP/AI with 99 percent recall—a metric that measures malware detection rates—for ransomware attacks, while noting the absence of false positives.

    When responding to ransomware attacks, seconds can make the difference between ensuring continuity and a massive business disruption. Organizations need fast, automated, and accurate detection and response capabilities built into their primary storage systems to minimize the damage done by lost production data and downtime. NetApp ARP/AI, with its AI-powered ransomware detection capability, addresses this gap by providing real-time detection and response to minimize the impact of cybersecurity threats.

    SE Labs rigorously tested NetApp ARP/AI against hundreds of known ransomware variants with impressive results. NetApp ARP/AI demonstrated 99 percent detection of advanced ransomware attacks. NetApp ARP/AI also achieved 100 percent detection of legitimate files without flagging any false positives, indicating a strong ability to operate in a business context without contributing to alert fatigue.

    Ensuring data is secure against internal and external threats is a critical part of making data infrastructure intelligent which then empowers customers to turn disruption into opportunity. This validation of NetApp’s AI-powered ransomware detection capabilities underscores how NetApp is staying at the forefront of AI innovation by both enabling AI adoption and applying AI to data services. NetApp’s newly released more powerful, all-flash storage systems help enterprises leverage their data to drive AI workloads, built on NetApp’s secure storage infrastructure.

    "NetApp has passed a significant milestone in the fight against ransomware as the first and only storage vendor to offer AI-driven on-box ransomware detection with externally validated top-notch protection effectiveness,” said Dr. Arun Gururajan, Vice President, Research & Data Science at NetApp. “Ransomware detection methodologies that rely only on backup data are too slow to effectively mitigate the risks businesses face from cybersecurity threats. NetApp ARP/AI hardens enterprise storage by providing robust, built-in detection capabilities that can respond to ransomware threats in real time. The AAA rating we achieved from SE Labs is the result of our commitment to innovation in intelligent data infrastructure and our drive to find new ways to make NetApp the most secure storage on the planet.”

    By embedding ransomware detection in storage, NetApp ARP/AI helps customers improve their cyber resilience while reducing the operational burden and skills required to maintain their intelligent data infrastructure. NetApp ARP/AI’s detection technology continuously adapts and evolves as new ransomware variants are discovered. This continuous retraining on the latest ransomware strains ensures that NetApp ARP/AI remains at the forefront of protection effectiveness, offering organizations a future-proof defense against the dynamic ransomware landscape.

    To see the full results of the tests, read the SE Labs Report.

    NetApp ARP/AI is currently in tech preview. Customers can request to participate in the tech preview by reaching out to their NetApp sales representative.

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