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    Virtune AB Launches Virtune Avalanche ETP on Nasdaq Stockholm

    Virtune AB (Publ) launches Virtune Avalanche ETP on Nasdaq Stockholm

    Stockholm, July 4, 2024 - Virtune, a Swedish regulated digital asset manager, today announced the launch of Virtune Avalanche ETP on Nasdaq Stockholm, the largest stock exchange in the Nordic region.

    Virtune Avalanche ETP - Pioneering secure exposure to the Avalanche native token
    Virtune Avalanche ETP provides exposure to Avalanche. Like all of Virtune’s exchange-traded products, Virtune ETP is 100% physically backed and fully collateralized, is denominated in SEK for the Nordic audience and is available on Avanza and Nordnet.

    Key Information about Virtune Avalanche ETP and what it offers to investors:
    1:1 exposure to Avalanche
    100% physically backed
    1.49% annual management fee

    Virtune Avalanche ETP
    Full name: Virtune Avalanche ETP
    Short name: Virtune Avalanche
    Ticker: VIRAVAX
    Trading currency: SEK
    First day of trading: Thursday 4th of July 2024
    ISIN: SE0022050092
    Stock exchange: Nasdaq Stockholm

    About Avalanche
    Avalanche is a high-capacity blockchain with fast transaction finality designed for decentralized applications regardless of scale. It excels through its unique architecture that allows users to create their own blockchains tailored to their needs. These can operate in parallel, optimizing both scalability and performance for the entire network.

    Unlike most other platforms that offer a standardized solution, Avalanche allows users to create their own customized blockchains for specific use cases. Each chain can have its own rules and validators, while benefiting from the overall security of the Avalanche network, enabling a high degree of flexibility and customization.

    Christopher Kock, CEO of Virtune:
    “This launch marks our seventh listing on Nasdaq Stockholm this year, with the most recent one occurring earlier this week on July 2nd, featuring an XRP ETP. We continue our tireless efforts to educate the Nordic market about crypto as an asset class and to increase crypto adoption among both institutional and retail investors. As demand continues to grow, the launch of an Avalanche ETP meets this need and aligns with our vision to become the leading digital asset manager in the Nordics. This innovative product is 100% physically backed with AVAX tokens stored by our custodian, Coinbase, and is accessible to both institutional and retail investors through several brokers and banks in the Nordics.”

    If you are an institutional investor interested in exploring the potential of our current and upcoming ETPs for your discretionary asset management or wish to learn more about Virtune and our product offering, please feel free to contact us. Visit for more information, and register your email address on our website to receive updates on upcoming ETP launches and other news related to crypto assets.

    Virtune with its headquarters in Stockholm is a regulated Swedish digital asset manager and issuer of crypto exchange traded products on regulated European exchanges.With regulatory compliance, strategic collaborations with industry leaders and our proficient team, we empower investors on a global level to access innovative and sophisticated investment products that are aligned with the evolving landscape of the global crypto market.

    Crypto investments are associated with high risk. Virtune does not provide investment advice; investments are made at your own risk. Securities may increase or decrease in value, there is no guarantee of getting back invested capital. Read the prospectus, KID, terms at

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