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    Wondra: Reshaping the Future Blueprint of Metaverse 2.0

    New York, NY, April 26, 2024 -- Recently,Wondra planned to, with user consent, use AI assistants to learn personal data and generate users' digital twins— customized "digital beings" with users' personalities, preferences, and choice biases.

    Next, Wondra will use AI to settle these "digital beings" in the Metaverse. Do you remember the digital natives mentioned earlier? Yes, Wondra will make your digital avatar become a true native of the Metaverse. This world will be a new land and a promised land for all humanity. They, no, "you," will be the first settlers, living, socializing, constructing, and generating various real consumption demands in the Metaverse world.

    With demand, supply will naturally emerge. Combining the emerging concept of RWA, real-world assets will easily enter the cryptocurrency market. In the Metaverse world, demand and supply will spontaneously form economic supply and demand relationships. In the absence of external intervention, plural supply, and demand relationships will form the purest free market, operating sustainably in Metaverse 2.0.

    In its official introduction, Wondra describes its business as follows:

    "Wondra will use deep learning of large-scale AI models to help users establish their digital twins in the Metaverse and control their daily behaviors through the AI models under the Wondra Protocol framework. Through continuous deep learning and simulation, such digital twins will infinitely approximate the behavioral habits, logical thinking, emotional preferences, etc., of the original users in the real world, and they will become truly long-lasting natives living in the Wondra Metaverse.

    At the same time, the Wondra Protocol will bind these digital twins to users' original selves through SBT. The twins' behavior will directly affect the reputation of the original community and even direct benefits.

    Later, Wondra will map offline assets to online through the RWA concept to gain broader liquidity support and enrich actual applications in the Metaverse. The interaction of users' digital twin data combined with AI production, consumption, and other life interactions will be synchronized with reality, enjoying multiple benefits online and offline."

    Entering a New World: AI Interaction

    Wondra introduces the AI assistant "Wonki" as the first interface for users to enter the Metaverse. Wonki plays a central role in users' daily activities. Through gamified interactions with Wonki, users' daily interactions with the AI model will become training.

    Users will receive incentives in the form of ecosystem tokens $WII through training AI. These AI assistants will gradually optimize their response mechanisms through continuous user interactions, achieving a leap from basic task execution to complex situational responses. At the same time, by continuously learning user preferences and behaviors, they will gradually model data for users' digital twins.

    "The integration of AI not only enhances the interactivity of the platform but also enhances the user experience through personalized services," says Wondra's technical staff. This application of technology will make every interaction in the virtual world full of value.

    Diverse Lives: Digital Twins and Double Opportunities

    Through AI learning and modeling, Wondra creates a unique digital twin for each user, representing their presence in the virtual world. These digital identities can act on behalf of users in the Metaverse, and even when users are offline, they can continue to interact and make decisions driven by their independent AI.

    This ensures that the ecosystem created by Wondra in the Metaverse always has sufficient demand entities freely moving, making it not just a game or social platform but a multidimensional virtual society covering education, commerce, entertainment, and other aspects, aiming to create a diversified virtual society. Users can learn, work, create, and entertain in Wondra, while interacting with other users globally, and the entire ecosystem will be ensured to operate smoothly through governance tokens $WIA.

    "We are exploring a new form of online presence," says the project initiator. "Through digital twins, users can achieve full-time representation in the virtual world."

    Wondra Protocol: Key Role of Blockchain

    In the Wondra Metaverse ecosystem, safeguarding user privacy and rights is crucial. Therefore, like Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, the Wondra Protocol uses blockchain technology to provide solid protection for user data, ensuring transparent handling of all user data and the security of their privacy. Through distributed ledger technology, every user data interaction is securely recorded on the blockchain, preventing unauthorized access and tampering.

    At the same time, the Wondra Protocol uses smart contracts to manage the interaction rules of digital twins, ensuring reasonable management and supervision of users' virtual identities and behaviors. Smart contracts automatically execute contract terms, ensuring all operations comply with Wondra's policies and user expectations. This approach not only increases the system's transparency but also strengthens users' control over their digital identities, allowing them to decide autonomously which personal information can be shared or kept private.

    Through the Wondra Protocol, digital twins become an extension of users in the virtual world, able to securely store their personal data, preference settings, and historical interaction records. The security and immutability of this information are guaranteed, allowing users to trust that every interaction in the Wondra ecosystem is safe and private.

    Supply Introduction: RWA and Cross-Border Cooperation

    In the Wondra Metaverse ecosystem, AI-driven digital twins lead lives intertwined with real-world assets, marking the next step in bridging the virtual and physical worlds and establishing Wondra as a versatile service platform. By incorporating RWA, Wondra evolves beyond being a virtual interaction space, transforming into a multifunctional hub where real-world assets and services are digitized for use and trade within the Metaverse.

    Utilizing blockchain technology, tangible assets such as real estate, art, and financial securities are tokenized into tradable cryptocurrencies. Likewise, real-world services like educational courses, consulting, and social collaboration are mapped onto Wondra through RWA. These tokens represent ownership or usage rights to real-world assets, allowing users' digital twins to freely buy, sell, lease, or exchange these assets within Wondra, with real-world users benefiting from related services.

    All assets and services integrated via RWA undergo management and execution through smart contracts on the blockchain. This ensures transparency, security, and tamper resistance of transactions, while automated contract execution reduces transaction costs and delays.

    By integrating RWA into Wondra's supply services, the ecosystem deepens and broadens its economic scope and offers users a seamless fusion of real and virtual worlds, enabling diverse service experiences. This innovative economic model propels the Metaverse from a mere gaming or social platform to a truly global digital economy.

    A New Chapter in the Metaverse Unfolds

    The Wondra team acknowledges that building Wondra is a long-term endeavor fraught with challenges. Through continuous technological innovation and community collaboration, the project team aims to address various issues arising from the fusion of virtual and real worlds. As technology matures and user bases expand, Wondra will progressively realize its vision of creating a comprehensive, active, and highly interactive next-generation internet world.

    The story of Wondra is just beginning. In this new world driven by AI and blockchain, Wondra is poised to become a flagship project leading the future development of the internet. For users worldwide, it signifies technological innovation and a revolution in lifestyle.

    Wondra stands at the forefront of technological innovation, empowering the Metaverse with AI and heralding a new chapter in digital life, foreshadowing a smarter and more interconnected future.

    Disclaimer: This press release may contain forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements describe future expectations, plans, results, or strategies (including product offerings, regulatory plans and business plans) and may change without notice. You are cautioned that such statements are subject to a multitude of risks and uncertainties that could cause future circumstances, events, or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements, including the risks that actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements.

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