Applications of Internet of Things in the transportation Industry

Applications of IoT in the Transportation Industry

Internet of Things is revolutionizing the transportation industry with huge cash flow.

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Internet of Things has transformed every industry and transportation industry is no exception to that. The number of connected devices is expected to cross 1 billion by the end of the year; many of those devices are related to IoT in transportation.

Now let’s take a look at the applications of the Internet of Things in the following key fields in the transportation industry.

Railway Transportation:

IoT applications in the field of rail transportation will have many benefits such as:

  • Lesser maintenance breakdowns

Integrating sensors will lessen the chances of sudden breakdowns of the railways and they will also be able to predict the possible failures of the machine parts and will help the maintenance department for the preventive measures. This will result in the lesser maintenance breakdown delays.

  • Safety and Reliability

Use of sensors and the connection between the server and the railways will undoubtedly play a huge part in ensuring the passenger and the railway safety. This will also ensure an effective and efficient communication between the back-end system and the railway operations. This will result in increasing the reliability of the railways.

Industrial Transportation Vehicles

IoT in logistics with the help of following points:

  • Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing can track the industrial vehicles to an accurate location. This helps the transport companies to maintain the track of their vehicles and also helps the safety & security of not only the vehicles and the drivers but that of the goods transported from the vehicle too.

  • Preventive Management

IoT sensors are well equipped to predict the possible mechanical failure of the vehicles and also help out the drives by suggesting the possible solutions not ensure lesser breakdown period.

  • Productivity

Optimizes the worker productivity by analysing the routed and the driving down unnecessary costs with the help of the predictive learning.

  • Sustainability

Companies can comply with the respective environment norms and help to achieve sustainability and a green future.

Road Transportation Management

The road transportation management for the public as well as the private sector can help the citizens of the country significantly. The applications can be as following:

  1. Parking management

Available parking spots are drying up in the cities; effective implementation of IoT will help the drivers to get alerts on the availability of parking spots and also inform them the fees required.

  1. Traffic management

IoT will definitely help the drivers with suggestions of congestion and alternative roads leading to minimize traffic congestion and lessen the pollution in some way.

  1. Pedestrian Safety

Use of sensors and the other smart tools will assist the pedestrians and bicycle riders; it will also improve road safety; potentially preventing road accidents and increasing road safety.

Key Takeaways:

Internet of Things is revolutionizing the transportation industry, and investment of huge cash-flow is taking place in the industry. IoT will have positive changes while making the transportation safe, secure and eco-friendly.

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