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    AWS Glue Use Cases

    Top 6 Use Cases of AWS Glue

    AWS Glue Use Cases one of the most popular ETL (extract, transform, and load) tools. It falls under the data processing and operations category.

    We have previously discussed the difference between AWS Glue and other tools. We have also focused on the limitations of AWS Glue and how to overcome the same as well.

    This time around we will be discussing some of the top use cases of AWS Glue that will help you understand how you can use AWS Glue for your organization.

    Top 6 AWS Glue Use Cases

    How Deloitte transformed application deployment process with AWS Glue

    Deloitte needs no formal introduction. It is one of the biggest professional and financial service providers across the globe.

    Deloitte wanted to use a set of solutions that could transform their application deployment process.

    This was required to record and process real-world data. They decided to go for the AWS Service catalog to fulfill these needs.

    AWS Glue is a part of this service catalog, and it was essential in using advanced ETL functionalities.  It played a crucial part in speeding up the process of data capture and processing through the serverless architecture.

    In tangible terms, this association helped Deloitte to deploy the full-featured miner environment within 45 minutes.

    How Siemens optimized its cybersecurity environment with AWS Glue

    One of the most recognized global brands, needs no introduction. It specializes in the technology sector and specifically in industrial manufacturing.

    Siemens is a German multinational company and headquartered in Munich, Germany.

    It wanted to counter the cyber threats with the smart system. This system was expected to prepare the data, analyze it, and make predictions with machine learning.

    The company decided to approach Amazon Web Services for the solution. Experts at AWS advised the company to Amazon SageMaker, AWS Glue, and AWS Lambda.

    AWS Glue played a crucial part in the process. It is a tool that extracted the data and helped the data scientists to categorize the data easily.

    It also helped them to make the decisions by converting the hashed data into readable data.

    As a result of this association, Siemens could go well beyond the published benchmarks for the threat analysis, system performance, and much more.

    What Burt Corporation did to create a data intelligence and analytics platform with AWS Glue

    Burt Corporationis a startup data company that specializes in data products to transform the new online media landscape. It has offices in New York, Berlin, and Gothenberg (Sweden).

    Many of the big online media publication houses use Burt's data intelligence and analytics platform to understand and optimize online marketing strategies.

    A platform needs to have effective data capture, process, analysis, and decision-making capabilities to fulfill these requirements.

    Hence, the company decided to use AWS Glue, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Athena to fulfill these requirements.

    Burt transformed its data analytics and intelligence platform by integrating Amazon Athena and AWS Glue.

    As a result, Burt could deliver a solution that fulfilled its client’s requirements.

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    How AWS Glue helped Cigna streamline its operational processes

    Cigna is also a popular American healthcare service organization based in Connecticut. It needed a reporting and analytics solution that could transform their then existing processes.

    It also required a solution that could streamline the procurement solutions and contract management process.

    They approached KPI Cloud Analytics for a solution, and it developed a solution to fulfill these needs. The key part of this solution offered by KPI was AWS Glue.

    AWS Glue was the bridge between Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift. It helped the company to collect, process, and transform the data for Redshift to do further operations.

    As a result, Cigna could extend the periphery of its data collection and process sources. It could also optimize and streamline the process that helped them overhaul their processes.

    How Claranet improved its incidence data reading capabilities with AWS Glue

    Claranet is a hosting, network, and managed application services. It is headquartered in London and operates in European countries and Brazil.

    It wanted a solution that could read millions of records and use them in Elasticsearch.  They decided to use AWS for this solution and zeroed on the use of AWS Glue and AWS Lambda.

    Before then the company was using on-premise architecture for ETL operations and it was facing some speed and performance issues.

    But, with AWS glue,  the company replaced the existing environment and store and load the data on a serverless architecture.

    This allowed the company to migrate the load from the on-premise solution to the cloud.

    This association proved fruitful. It also helped them to improve system efficiency, increase the speed, and enhance the overall structure.

    How AWS Glue helped Finaccel improve the speed and reduce costs

    Finaccel is a technology company that specializes in financial services related to products.

    These products are useful and help out the financial services companies in Southeast Asia. It is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    It wanted to increase and transform day-to-day ETL jobs. The company had opted for many other solutions but still could not find an ideal solution for the needs.

    Ultimately, they decided to use AWS Glue, and it paid off as the team could easily load the data, do the processes, and transform it for further process to the Redshift.

    It also allowed the company to speed up the process and save costs.

    This association could not only turn out to be faster and effective, but it was also a lot cheaper than the tried alternatives.

    For a startup like Finaccel, the saved costs were one of the crucial factors.

    Key Takeaways:

    We can see from the above-mentioned examples of how AWS Glue can transform your organization's data collection, processing, and analysis process.

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