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    Best Digital Marketing Certificate Programs Online

    Best Digital Marketing Certificate Programs Online


    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all walks of life throughout the world. It hasn't been any kinder towards marketing, too. Many businesses are now being forced to adapt to new marketing methods. To answer this situation, we have made a list of the Best Digital Marketing Certificate Programs Online for you.

    There is a higher need for people who would understand these situations and develop new ways of marketing. This has paved the way for digital marketing.

    We have compiled the following list of Digital Marketing Certifications Programs that can be attained while sitting at home. These certifications will help you become more relevant in the current industry situation. Take a look.

    Best Digital Marketing Certificate Programs Online (Free)

    Google Ads Certification

    Google Ads is very reputed in the digital space. Google AdWords is an effective way for organizations to boost their digital marketing ROI. Google Ads certification is a professional certificate that demonstrates a user’s knowledge of Google AdWords.

    Google Analytics Certification

    Google Analytics can be used to measure the growth of website traffic. It is easy to understand and is a very powerful tool.
    Google Analytics is an essential tool for marketers. Becoming an expert can be of very high value because it is a very comprehensive tool.

    HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

    HubSpot’s content marketing certification can help people who are new to content marketing and seasoned content marketing pros.
    HubSpot Content Marketing Certification course covers the following:

    It is an eight-hour course with 14 lessons. It covers various aspects of content marketing strategy, such as

    • Storytelling
    • Content ideation
    • Content creation framework
    • Content repurposing
    • Content promotion.

    HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

    This course helps the user to understand inbound marketing best practices better

    This inbound marketing course covers attracting visitors, converting leads, gaining customers, and delighting them into becoming promoters. It is excellent for digital marketers.

    This is a five hour with 11 classes. It covers the fundamentals of inbound marketing to attract potential customers to your website. It covers

    • Content creation
    • Social promotion
    • Converting and nurturing leads, etc.

    HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

    This free course by HubSpot covers all the fundamentals of Email Marketing.

    This email marketing course covers the following points:

    • How to create an email marketing strategy
    • Contact management and segmentation
    • Email deliverability
    • Analyzing your email sends
    It shows you how to develop an email marketing strategy and to add value to your subscribers.

    Free Digital Marketing Courses (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

    LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) offers multiple courses and certifications on Digital Marketing. These courses cover:

    • Content Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Web Analytics
    • Brand Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Product Marketing and more.

    Key Highlights

    • Expert-led courses
    • It consists of a wide range of short-duration courses that teach key marketing skills.
    • All courses are Free in the first month
    • Supports flexible learning

    Best Digital Marketing Certificate Programs Online (Paid)

    Digital Marketing Masterclass: Get Your First 1,000 Customers (Udemy)

    This course focuses on how you can take any product, service and sell it to customers. This course is focused on small businesses, bloggers, or anybody who has a product/service to sell.

    Key Highlights

    • Learn to find customers through modern marketing channels
    • Understand the basics of growth marketing
    • How to use Twitter and Facebook for research and sales
    • New marketing techniques for Instagram and Snapchat
    • How to build a content marketing plan
    • How to use Google analytics
    • Understand search engine marketing & social ad marketing
    • Strategically make videos for youtube marketing

    The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1 (Udemy)

    This is a beginner-friendly course. It does not require any prior marketing experience. It is suitable for professionals or business owners who want to have some marketing expertise and build an online business. It can benefit existing website owners to drive more traffic and revenues. Freelancers can use it to become online marketers or affiliate marketers.

    Key Highlights

    • It has been the best-selling Digital Marketing course on Udemy for three years.
    • Helps to develop a digital marketing strategy
    • Learn how to grow a business online
    • Create compelling content for various social media platforms
    • Learn to set up cost-effective ad campaigns
    • Certificate of Completion from Udemy

    Digital Marketing Specialization by University of Illinois (Coursera)

    This Digital Marketing course has been designed by the internationally renowned faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It sheds light on new digital marketing topics such as digital marketing analytics, SEO, SEM, and 3D Printing. It uses examples, stories, and acquire concepts of digital marketing to teach its students.

    The learning approach uses interactive video lectures, case studies, hands-on exercises, and interviews with leading marketing scholars.

    Key Highlights

    • It is Coursera’s most popular course on Digital Marketing
    • Uses practice digital marketing techniques with theories of MBA
    • Focuses on the theory and strategy behind Marketing Analytics
    • Examine how the world has been affected by the Digital Revolution
    • Understand how to conduct thorough and insightful digital data analysis
    • Gives hands-on experience in data analysis
    • Helps to learn and make presentations and data visualizations
    • Teaches how to plan a campaign on various digital channels

    Digital Marketing Masterclass – 23 Courses in 1 (Udemy)

    This course spans over 32 hours. It consists of video lectures, articles, supplemental resources. It is an in-depth course covering digital marketing, from social media marketing, email marketing to content marketing. It uses real-world case studies to teach concepts and techniques.

    The course covers the following topics.

    • Finding the target market
    • Branding your business
    • How to design a website
    • Content and Paid marketing
    • Blogging and Copyrighting,
    • Search Engine Optimization,
    • Video marketing on YouTube, Facebook pages and groups, Facebook and Google Ads, Retargeting with Facebook ads,
    • Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

    Social Media Marketing Specialization by NorthWestern (Coursera)

    This program includes extremely hands-on courses. It uses interactive quizzes, graded assignments, exercises, and practice exams. Students receive access to social marketing toolkits. These toolkits contain advanced marketing and analytics tools used in developing a successful social strategy.

    Anyone can enroll in this specialization. It is suitable for all professionals.

    Key Highlights

    • Understand how to leverage a variety of social media platforms, blogs, social networks, etc. to achieve business goals• Learn social media growth and promotion strategies• Understand how to develop targeted content and strategies to engage influencers and experts within a social community
    • Track your strategies and campaigns through social monitoring, real-time analytics
    • Have meaningful conversations with experts
    • Specialization keeps getting updated every quarter.


    With the growing need for remote working and the increase in digital adoption, it is of utmost importance that we keep updating ourselves. These courses, both free and paid, will help you to stay relevant in the current industry.

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