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    Best Security solutions for Hyperconnectivity and the internet of things(IoT)

    What are IoT Security Solutions?

    IoT security solutions are used to safeguard smart devices from unwanted access or manipulation.
    IoT is a fast-growing network that allow devices to communicate with each other. This provide users with an automated, hands-free interaction with technology.
    It collects data based on the interactions of user with the devices to provide a new experience.

    The new methods of data exchange between user and machine are not compatible with outdated methods of cybersecurity. This makes it vulnerable to unique cyber threats.
    IoT security solutions ensure that the data of the users are kept safe and secure. It keeps updating to evolve with the changing digital environment. It ensures that users face minimal risk of data exposure and cyber attacks.

    The technology of IoT security is evolving to meet the demands of cybersecurity and IoT as a whole. To ensure the best security for IoT devices, best cybersecurity practices must be followed. A qualified IoT development team must be deployed to build the security solution.

    Common cyber threats in the world of hyperconnectivity.

    Top Security Solutions for Hyperconnectivity and IoT.

    What is hyperconnectivity?

    It is a term that is used to define the cross connectivity among various digital platforms. It is the interaction between information systems, data, and devices that are all connected to each other by the medium of the internet.

    We have examples of hyperconnectivity in our daily lives today. The ability to control the television, smart speakers, air conditioners, smart lights, fridge, etc. remotely, are all examples of hyperconnectivity. Everything indicates that soon hyperconnectivity will increase, both in personal and business environment.

    With the constant up-gradation in technology, new ways of communicating and spending time with each other are coming up.
    Advances in mobile phones, browsers, voice assistants, or the IoT are just some examples related to hyperconnectivity.

    Common cyber threats in the world of hyperconnectivity.

    • Data convergence

    The communication of data and technology presents both opportunities and threats. If the exchange of data is massive, the internal and external data management gives a challenge to the enterprise. There should be a good security solution put in place to avoid any threat to data and the system as a whole. Everyone must follow the regulations set for the management of critical infrastructure. Mismanaged data can be very dangerous because it can land into the wrong hands and can be misused.

    • Challenges of integration

    Challenges of integration may present themselves when there are many devices on the same network. Data mismanagement can cause a great deal of loss to both individuals and a business as a whole. This data must be well integrated into the system with a security solution to avoid data integration issues.

    These are the top Security Solutions for Hyperconnectivity and IoT:


    IBM corporation’sIoT Security offers many solutions in the IoT security business. IBM Watson platform offers built-in security to its clients. IBM Watson security allows automating management.
    IBM Watson automates the configuration of roles and defines controls for users and applications.
    IBM offers an advanced service that extends its security capabilities for commercial clients.


    Symantec has a security solution named Critical System Protection. It offers various solutions for data theft protection at many endpoints such as:
    • Cloud security
    • Email security
    • IT management and security
    • Datacenter security, etc.

    Symantec Critical System Protection also offers several information protection solutions such as:
    • Data loss prevention,
    • Encryption
    • Access management, etc.


    PTC IoT Security solutions have a dedicated IoT Security solution named Axeda. It has a complete security solution. It spans all levels of an IoT framework such as network, application, end-user, and data security.

    Axeda provides the following solutions:
    • Protects data from unauthorized entities
    • Provides secure infrastructure
    • Ensures user authentication
    • User access control management.


    VERIZON IoT Solution offers mobility products and services such as;
    • Mobile workforce management
    • Application management
    • Cloud solutions that comprise cloud and data center and security services.

    Conclusion:The tech environment is growing at a fast pace and so is the human reliability on data and devices. The use of IoT is only going to grow further. This would present opportunities and data risks. To avoid these data risks and data failures, a good IoT security solution needs to be put in place.

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