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    Impact of blockchain technology on SEO & SMM

    Impact of Blockchain Technology on SEO & SEM

    What is Blockchain Technology?

    Well, blockchain technology can be termed as a decentralized, distributed, and a public digital ledger which is used to record digital transaction across many computers to avoid record manipulation without altering the blocks according to Wikipedia.

    Now you must be wondering as to how blockchain will be affecting search engine optimization or search engine marketing? Well so was I, till I researched and understood the impact of blockchain on the SEO and SMM.

    I will be sharing my thoughts on the impact of blockchain technology on SEO & SMM through some examples which will help you to understand it better.

    How does Blockchain Technology impact Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

    We all know one of the critical components of search engine marketing's revenue generation model comes through advertising.

    Be it Google Ads or Facebook Ads or any other ads, and they help businesses to bring traffic and increase the probability of lead generation.

    But, many Black Hat SEO practitioners have made Ad Frauds a significant source of revenue.

    But, the introduction of Blockchain Technology has ensured that Ad frauds don’t hamper the advertisers and central sources such as Google or Facebook, etc.

    The technology has also ensured transparency between both the central sources and the marketers and also has improved the trust factor of the primary sources.

    How does Blockchain Technology impact Search Engine Optimization?

    Builds Trust:

    Since the algorithm eradicates the possibilities of fake click-through rates and bot-driven traffic, the advisers can finally trust that the investment made by them is useful and can help to grow their business.

    Opportunity to Connect Directly with Consumers

    It’s easy to imagine a situation where the middlemen on the verge of becoming irrelevant. Introduction of tokens such as BAT (Basic Attention Token); which help advertisers to pay people based on the “mental effort” essential to go through an advertisement.

    An Effective Way to Reach Out to Customers with Less Privacy Intrusion

    With blockchain technology, a real opportunity to transform the way these ads appear originally. So the ads turn out to be less interruptive and more effective as they re seem more relevant which eliminates many drawbacks of mobile ads.

    Transparent in Nature

    Just like its applications in the field of cryptocurrency; the most vital advantage of blockchain is to bring transparency to the advertising world.

    Thanks to the superiority of blockchain and most importantly the tamper-proof nature of the ledger system; there is scope to bring in genuine users.


    Technology is transforming at an alarming pace. It was unimaginable that the fake user eradication or countering black hat SEO techniques with ease.

    Hell nobody even thought that blockchain might actually be helpful for Digital Marketing technology. But even in these early days, we have witnessed the immense impact of blockchain technology.

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