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    ECM Use Cases

    Top 5 ECM Use Cases

    Significance of ECM

    An Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) helps organizations to manage content and information effectively.

    Content management systems are becoming ever popular in this data-driven marketing world. An enterprise content management system reduces the hassle of managing the paper-based documents.

    We have enlisted useful features of an ideal ECM below.

    • Digitization.
    • Ease of process management.
    • Website content management.
    • Centralized workflow.
    • Ease of archiving big data.
    • Simplified record management system.

    Now that we have seen the significance of an ECM, let’s take a look at some of the best ECM use cases to understand these benefits better.

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    Some of the Top Most ECM Use Cases

    Sanofi Aventis

    Sanofi Aventis is a French multinational pharmaceuticals company, which is known for its advance R&D practices. It wanted to create a centralized system to collect and process the information.

    It decided to collaborate with SharePoint to offer a social platform to connect experts & employees. It also helped them with the desired content.

    With this enterprise-grade content portal, the company could improve employee engagements. It could also create a centralized system to acknowledge the path-breaking research documents and pave way for modern ideas.

    These social community sites for departments and projects were considered to be a great success. The company had developed a portal through which the company could define the workflows.

    Along with that, it could also brainstorm new ideas for the upcoming research projects.

    Frost Bank

    Frost Bank is a San Antonio, Texas-based chartered bank. It specializes in the administration of estates and trusts. Long-term customer relationships are at the core of their business.

    Till December 2017, the company was more focused on paper-based documentation. But it prevented them from improving and innovating their ongoing practices.

    The trust record files were entirely paper-based. It created a lot of hassle and it was getting pretty difficult to manage all these paper-based documents.

    Hence the bank decided to partner with Pyramid Solutions to provide them a digitized documentation process.This collaboration helped the bank to achieve most of its objectives.

    These objectives included faster and simpler administration, uniform documentation processes, and access from any location. It also consisted of maintaining compliance requirements and reducing the physical space.

    Kent County

    Kent County is a Western Michigan county with the fourth largest population in Michigan. It processes hundreds of invoices every day.

    The process management was getting difficult to handle with the growing use of technology. Hence it decided to partner with Pyramid solutions and IBM Datacap to streamline process management.

    The no. of documents put in the system is huge in number. The collaboration helped the county to design, manage, and improvise the workflows.

    The streamlining of the process management didn’t just help the county with the workflows, but it also helped in improving employee productivity and time-saving.

    Its other benefits included automated data processing & data validation along with faster turnaround times.


    Plustek Inc. is one of the global leaders in imaging and surveillance providers. It specializes in manufacturing security devices for businesses. It has made huge investments in transforming the technological aspects of its business.

    They faced a key challenge in centralizing the workflows and simplifying the record management system. Hence it decided to partner with Square9 Softworks to provide an industry-standard ECM.

    The APIs provided by the Square 9 Softworks helped PlusTek Inc. to integrate GlobalSearch and eScan.

    This has helped to build a content management portal to streamline the process. And also helped to modify the workflows as required.

    Along with this, the employees and customers across the world could access the authorized content easily.

    The move to ECM has helped the company to improve productivity and improve user experience.

    Valley National Bank

    Valley National Bank is one of the leading federal banks in the United States. It predominantly focused on paper-based documentation. It faced a lot of auditing fiascos due to the dependence on paper-based banking.

    The bank decided to move to an ECM to digitize all the documents and in turn avoid the hassle associated with the paper-based system. It decided to partner with Square9’ GlobalSearch ECM to address this issue.

    This move helped them to provide the auditors the necessary documents in time and effectively.

    The entire digitization was done within the stipulated time frame. It helped the bank to save $150,000 per annum from the first year of implementation.

    It also helped the bank to improve employee productivity and save time on redundant tasks.

    Key Takeaways

    We can see from the above-mentioned use cases of ECM that we can do the following things:

    • make the move from paper-based documentation to digitization,
    • simplify the workflows,
    • access the content across the world,
    • improve employee productivity,
    • improve user experience,
    • and save time on redundant tasks

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