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    Top 7 CDP Tools

    Top 7 CDP Tools (Paid & Free)

    The customer data platform plays an integral role in modern-day marketing. You can work, assess, and manage your subscribers through the CDP tools.

    Its main aim is to reduce customer acquisition costs, improve customer experience, and retain most customers. Also, it helps with enhancing the overall lead nurturing process.

    We will be covering the top CDP tools through this blog. Along with that, We’ll be highlighting the salient features and pricing of each tool in detail.

    Top Paid CDP Tools:


    Exponea is a UK-based company that specializes in customer data platforms. It was the first GDPR certified company across the world. Let’s take a quick look at its salient features.

    • Ease of Integration
      You can easily integrate the data from all the channels, including offline channels on a unified Exponea platform.
    • Long-lasting Customer Data
      You can store your customer data as long as you need it. It will only be removed from the system once you decide to take it down, or the customer decides to unsubscribe.
    • Ease of Monitoring Campaign Metrics
      You can easily monitor campaign metrics through Exponea’s CDP tool. These metrics can be from different channels.

      You can assign a score to these metrics from different channels and improve your lead nurturing process.
    • Standalone CDP & CDXP Models
      You can choose between a standalone CDP model and a user experienced based customer data & experience platform (CDXP) model as per the need.

      CDXP comes with extra capabilities like being a cloud-based, experience-driven, and flexible model. It is the combination of CDP, ESP, UX, and AI together.

    It comes with customized pricing based on no. of subscribers, channels, frequency of communication, etc.

    You would need to contact their website for detailed pricing.


    Emarsys is an Indianapolis-based organization. It is one of the leading business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms. It is primarily a marketing automation platform. Let's take a quick look at some of its key features.

    • Optimize and Automate
      You can easily optimize & automate all the activities through the Emarsys dashboard. It comes with an integrated automation platform that can monitor activities and assign scoring.
    • Go beyond Data Collection
      With the Emarsys marketing platform, you can go beyond the normal data collection and segmentation methods. You can take the personalized interaction to the next level with this tool.
    • AI-powered
      As a marketer, you can leave the data science part to the AI-powered Emarsys tool and improve your key performance metrics instead.

    This CDP tool’s pricing is not readily available on their website as the pricing varies based on the usage and requirements. Please visit their website for further information.

    Tealium AudienceStream

    Tealium AudienceStream is one of the market leaders in customer data platforms. It is headquartered in San Diego, California.

    It is known for its robust audience management and enrichment capabilities globally. Here are some of the top features of Tealium AudienceStream.

    • Ease of Identity Resolution
      You can identify the users across channels and assign scoring with this tool. It even helps with micro-analyzing offline activities like point-of-sale, roadshow activity attendance, etc.
    • Integration with Connected Devices
      Tealium AudienceStream allows you to integrate across all the connected devices easily. It is one of the key advantages of the tool. Most people are now using connected devices with a huge rise in the Internet of Things (IoT).
    • Unified and Dynamic Audience Management
      The need for separate segmentation lists and strategies for every MarTech vendor is eliminated with this tool. The tool allows you to effectively manage the data for each vendor through a unified platform.
    • Set Your Rules
      You can customize the lead scoring numbers, content affinity, and lifetime value as per your business needs. These rules can differ from one campaign to another.

    For detailed pricing, you need to contact a Tealium vendor as the information is not available on their website.

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    Evergage is a US-based company that primarily focuses on customer data platforms. The tool can capture behavioral data and determine individual affinities. Let's look at some of its key features.

    • Unified Dashboard
      Evergage provides a unified dashboard from which you can manage the data from all the different sources and store it in a single platform.
    • Easy Identity Resolution
      Evegage’s AI-driven platform allows the marketer to identify users across different platforms. It allows marketers to maintain the database and manage the actions.
    • Integration with First-party and Third-party Data
      Its unique program allows the seamless integration between the first-party and the third-party data. This integration allows marketers to segregate the data and segment the lists. You can also integrate the anonymous (third-party data) that converts into subscribers (first-party data) in an automated manner.
    • Trigger Actions in other Systems
      You can define rules to trigger the actions in other systems like CRM, Marketing Automation Platforms, Cloud platforms, etc.

    It comes with two pricing models, namely the Evergage core platform and the Evergage 1 platform. For the detailed pricing, please contact the vendor.


    Radius was the first Business-to-Business (B2B) oriented enterprise CDP tool with its Radius Unify. Let us take a quick look at some of its unique features.

    • Significant Improvement in Data Quality
      Radius Unify allows marketers to maintain data hygiene & enhances the data cleansing process. This helps in improving data quality.
    • Complete View of Every Customer
      You can create a master data record system through which you can keep track of all the datasets across different platforms comfortably.
    • Ease of Streamlining and Lead Nurturing
      You can easily streamline the pipeline and assign the lead scoring to the datasets accordingly. You can easily segment the audience as required and run the nurture campaigns through the system.
    • Custom Applications with Real-time APIs
      Radius Unify allows you to customize the applications with real-time APIs. This allows marketers to integrate third-party marketing channels with their systems easily.

    As the pricing for the tool is customized, you need to contact the vendors for detailed pricing.

    A Couple of Open-source CDP Tools

    Now that we have seen some of the top paid CDP tools let us take a quick look at a couple of open-source CDP tools.


    Pimcore CDP is one of the best open-source CDP platforms, and here are some of its core features.

    • Ease of Data Integration
      This tool allows you to integrate the data from different marketing channels easily as well as allows the integration of first-party and third-party data seamlessly.
    • Unified Dashboard
      As a marketer, you can manage and monitor all the actions centrally through the unified dashboard. It can help you to boost productivity by saving time.
    • Ease of Data Modelling
      You can easily set rules for data modeling and set the lead scoring criteria as per the need.
    • Automate Actions
      The platform allows you to automate the actions, and integrate with the marketing tools. You can also set the rules to assign personas.

    As it is an open-source platform, you don’t need to pay for the subscription.

    Apache Unomi

    Apache Unomi is an open-source alternative that you can go for. Let us look at some of the standout features of this CDP tool.

    • Ease of Data Tracking
      You can easily track the data with Apache Unomi.
    • Ease of Segmentation
      You can also segment the audience based on your requirements with this tool.
    • Profile Management
      It allows you to manage profiles of your customers from different channels in an integrated dashboard.
    • Easy Reporting
      You can manage the reporting for all the campaigns, including offline marketing campaigns through this tool.

    Again, since it is an open-source platform, you don’t need to pay for the subscription.

    Key Takeaways:

    We can conclude that CDP tools can help you improve your marketing strategy, enhance your data segmentation, measure & improve analytics, ease lead nurture & reporting, and provide you a platform to integrate all the channels, including offline channels in a single dashboard.

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