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    Examples of agile marketing

    Top 5 Examples of Agile Marketing

    So let me start by explaining to you that what is agile marketing? Agile marketing is a process that helps you to improve predictability, speed, maintain transparency in work, and adaptability to change the marketing functions of your business.

    A traditional marketing process follows a stiff and linear timeline, where a marketing team needs to go through a specific set of processes which starts from planning, execution, testing, launching the new product, and deliver the product to the end customer.

    In this entire course, if they fail to achieve any one of the given tasks, then they have to start again to maintain the product quality and commitment with suppliers.

    On the other hand, agile marketing uses rapid cycles that will help your marketing team to go back at the architectural level and change the things as per their desire, without any delay.

    I hope you all heard about “agile software development,” agile marketing also works pretty much the same.

    In this next step, we will try to find out some of the best examples and case studies of agile marketing, which will boost your business if you apply them.

    Here are 5 Examples of Agile Marketing From Which you Learn:

    Site Strategics

    Site Strategics is a marketing firm based at Indianapolis, known for its services like SEO, Web development, SEM/PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, and many more.

    This organization uses agile marketing to speed up their delivery process. Initially, they had used two-week sprints to iterate for their campaigns, the result of this change goes well, and they ended up saving a lot of money which they had spent on various other channels.

    During the process, they had also used sprint planning to keep track of an employee’s availability. This practice had given them an accurate estimation of when they are going to complete the work.

    This technique has helped them to maintain a great relationship with their clients.


    Carsurfing is a start-up that offers an app for finding rides to and from events, such as concerts and plays.

    They had implemented agile marketing into their product development process to jump-start their business growth. During the process, they changed the design of their website to match the customer’s expectations.

    By adopting agile marketing, they had combined their technology with marketing efforts, and they also created a process wherein they could perform product testing repeatedly until it’s ready to deliver.

    Let's have a look at how they used agile marketing. First, they built a dedicated landing page for the event name burning man, which is a part of an annual art festival in Nevada.

    During the course of this event, they have dropped everything and focused dedicatedly on getting people connected on Facebook so they could get them on-board and find their way to Burning Man.

    In a couple of weeks, they had managed to arrange 800 rides to the event. Agile marketing helped Carsurfing to validate its technology and user interface of their services module


    Many of you must have heard about this organization, Teradata, which is a database provider and provides software products, and services related analytics.

    Teradata adopted agile marketing for streamlining their business operation, quick responses of the team, and for meeting customer needs.

    Initially, they used it to improve communication during the project. Further on, they had used it for creating and executing micro-campaigns for projects, which gradually led them to better interact with customers.

    Today, Teradata has been using agile marketing for becoming more customer-centric and to handle their data more precisely and efficiently.


    CafePress is a famous online retailer in the U.S. They sell themed gifts as well as gifts for those who want to create their own customized products.

    CafePress had adopted agile marketing for better social media interaction with customers. They also hired a specialist to handle any queries coming from their customers through social media channels.

    They had also observed during this course of time that their marketer should know about their do and don’t on the public platforms.

    So they had made changes in their agile process and brought together the legal and marketing team. This practice helped their marketing team to become much more able at handling social media interactions.

    And, later on, their legal team participated actively in marketing decisions as a consultant.


    Dell, a U.S based multinational tech giant that we’re all aware of, also uses agile marketing.

    They use this unorthodox marketing strategy for streamlining their disconnected points and gaps, which they found in their traditional marketing approach.

    Earlier, in their team, everyone was doing things a little differently across portfolios and product lines.

    Dell's marketing team is into lead generation, SEO, channel marketing, web, field marketing, etc. And, due to this versatility, Dell chose to go with agile marketing. Just in a few days, they saw its impact, and they could counteract many issues.

    They combined agile marketing with an inbound marketing approach. By using one-month sprints, they had created a worldwide team to organize all product lines.

    After reading these agile marketing examples, let's have a look at some of the best agile marketing agencies in the market.

    Here are Some Agile Marketing Agencies You Need to Know About


    If you want to make your marketing model agile, then Ironpaper is the agency you should collaborate with. Ironpaper combined agile marketing and lean principals to better serve their customer marketing process.

    They help you to improve your adaptive capabilities, position your product line in front of your customers, speed up your delivery process, and it also helps you to become more competitive.

    And, additionally, they also help you to build your digital strategies.

    By taking to Ironpaper’s services, you will work in two-week sprint cycles. If you own a B2B organization, then going with Ironpaper will be the right option for you.


    Weidert is a well know agile marketing organization in the market. It helps you to streamline and structure your marketing process along with consistent quality and optimum results.

    If you have issues like, over budgeting of projects, delay in outcomes, or delays in final delivery then Weidert can be your solution.


    Take your marketing project management at the next level by taking to Kanbanize’s services. Kanbanize assures you to complete your marketing project 3x faster than the usual.

    Plus, they also create an environment wherein you have a hundred percent visibility across departments and teams.

    They offer you a visual project board through which you can see the status of every marketing campaign along with their dependencies.

    This will help you to maintain your project pace, and you can also avoid unnecessary meetings. This is another good option for you if you want to move to agile.


    Here’s hoping that going through the examples of how various companies have incorporated agile marketing into their strategy, must have helped you with finding out your loophole if any. You can always set up the agile marketing process internally or opt for some agency.

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