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    Open Source Data Lineage Tools

    Open Source Data Lineage Tools for Data Management

    What is Data Lineage?

    Data lineage is defined as the life-cycle of data, right from its origins to where it moves over a period of time.

    Data Lineage helps you to analyze how the data is used, and it also helps you to track where data is used and how it can benefit your data management.

    Importance of Data Lineage Tools

    If you want to gather accurate data and do its detailed analysis, data lineage plays an important part in it.

    Maintaining a proper data lineage is vital for effective database management. Most of the time, it is really hard to keep track of entire data & the process is complex. This is where a proper data lineage tool comes in handy.

    Data collection & its management are crucial factors for every organization, and having the best tools ensures business success.

    Top Open Source & Paid Data Lineage Tools:

    Top Open Source Data Lineage Tools:

    We will be discussing some key open source data lineage tools in the following section.

    Talend was founded in 2005, and it is headquartered in Redwood, California. Their open-source data lineage tool has both ETL & ELT (Extract, Transform & Load), file management, and data flow orchestration capabilities.

    Its platform is also supported on Salesforce, Microsoft SQL, Amazon, and Dropbox amongst many others. Its Eclipse-based job design environment is helpful for developers, and it runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

    Apatar, a subsidiary of Altoros, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is a software development company.

    Apatar is essentially an ETL only platform instead of being a full data integration platform.

    Apatar's full version is available with the open-source license unlike most of the other tools. Its full version has a transformation mapper & a visual job designer.

    It is completely customizable also. It can easily be deployed on a server, as a desktop app, and as an embedded app with other software too. It is also compatible with Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Salesforce, and many other platforms.

    The CloverETL development is overseen by Javlin Data Solutions, headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic.

    CloverETL is a pure data integration software that specializes in making enterprise capabilities & rapid development available in a light footprint.

    Its open-source platform includes Designer, which is a visual development platform and consists of only 20 out of 130 components from full edition.

    Its full version comes with Designer, Server (a data integration runtime platform), and Cluster (parallel data processing platform for multi nodes).


    Kylo, which is an open-source enterprise data management platform, is generally used for data preparation, and self-service data ingested with governance, security, and integrated metadata management.

    This process involves ingestion, preparation, discovery, monitoring, and then designing.

    Kylo works on Apache 2.0 and helps the users to configure data with guided UI easily. Its visual SQL builder and data wrangling eases data preparation, and it is compatible with Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and Salesforce.

    Dremio, a Data-as-a-Service firm that is headquartered in Santa Clara, provides an open-source data lineage platform integrated with Apache.

    It is compatible with Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and many other popular platforms. Its unique feature is its ability to integrate easily with other big data analytics tools.

    Dremio's distributed SQL execution program helps you to access different sources such as RDBMS, NoSQL, etc.

    Their key projects run on Apache Arrow, Apache Parquet, and Calcite.

    Jaspersoft is owned by TIBCO, which offers several data integration, business intelligence, and analytics tools. It is available in both commercial and community editions.

    Its open-source data lineage tool is in line with Talend code and has similar capabilities. Its paid version comes with JETL (Jaspersoft Extract Transform Load) extended Big Data version.

    This version has added capabilities like dynamic schema, data viewer, data lineage, and multiple shared repositories.

    A couple of Top paid Data lineage tools

    Octopai, headquartered in Israel, is a centralized, cross-platform data management solution that can help you to manage data teams easily and accurately locate and then discover the shared data.

    It is a Software-as-a-Service platform.

    Octopai's complete data lineage allows you to access data from data vendors, across BI systems and reports too.

    Its horizontal and vertical lineage helps you to drill down into stored procedures, ETL, and even the reporting layers. This platform is available with both on-premise and cloud.

    ASG Technologies, headquartered in Naples, Florida offers various data management solutions ranging from ASG data management solutions to enterprise data security solutions.

    ASG Technologies' Enterprise Data Intelligence Solution tool assists you in delivering a viable solution which can support in creating custom metadata interfaces for your enterprise sources.

    It can also help you to provide a complete data lineage knowledge base right from ETL, to custom repository.

    ASG metadata management tool offers you many other features such as mainframe discovery, the capability to analyze, distributed, and other ETL code. This process can ensure that there are no gaps in your end-to-end lineage.

    Key Takeaway:

    Data Lineage is a crucial factor in big data analytics and irrespective of whether you are using open source data lineage tools or commercial versions, you need to have a defined strategy that can keep a track of your business data. The above-mentioned tools can help with decision making.

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