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    Open Source Mobile Device Management Tools

    Top 8 Open Source Mobile Device Management (MDM) Tools

    Mobile device management software are meant to enforce security regulations over mobile devices which are being used by employees. It enables an organization to track and monitor the activities over these devices.

    For implementing MDM, one must require a third-party product that has the capability of management features.

    So, in the next course of this blog, we will try to understand some of the best open-source mobile device management tools. This list could be vital for your organization if you want to try MDM for the first-ever time.

    8 Best Open Source Mobile Device Management Tools

    Scalefusion MDM

    The flagship product of ProMobi Technologies, Scalefusion is a renowned mobile device management tool to manage and secure organizational device fleets.  Scalefusion is trusted by more than 8,000 brands across the globe for its ability to deliver a seamless device management experience for IT admins.  With competitive pricing, including a 14-day free trial, Scalefusion offers extensive features for businesses of all sizes.  Some of the primary features of this tool are;

    • Remote troubleshooting with VoIP support to ensure minimum device downtime and no physical IT intervention
    • Application and content management to allow your workforce to access the right resources in a secure manner
    • Robust security measures such as data encryption, passcode policies, and remote lock and wipe for compromised devices
    • Analytics and reporting to stay on top of device performance and user behavior
    • Best-in-class customer support with a proven track record and response time

    Flyve MDM

    Flyve MDM is an open-source mobile device management tool that can be managed by a web-based controller.

    MDM uses 0% battery of your devices, so you can run your other applications easily without worrying about the battery usage.

    So, let’s have a look at some of the key features of this open-source mobile device management tool

    • On Android devices, MDM can manage management tasks and self-enrolment.
    • In a situation where you require any particular device information. Also, MDM is capable of retrieving the device information.
    • MDM uses HTTPS and MQTT/TLS protocols for communication.
    • It also provides you a feature wherein you could remotely lock the devices.


    OneMDM is a well-known open-source mobile device management tool that can easily manage a wide range of android devices in the organization.

    So let's have a look at the arsenal of OneMDM

    • If your Android device is updated with KitKat or beyond, then you can install this application.
    • It only supports Android devices, but further on OneMDM can launch its more variants.
    • An admin of the tool can track the devices both online and offline.
    • After installation, you can send the invite notification to other users.


    Miradore was founded in the year 2006, and then onwards, it has become one of the famous mobile device management organization.

    Miradore has an impressive client list. It has served thousands of customers in more than 160 countries around the globe.

    So let’s figure out some of the top features of this tool:

    • One of the biggest features of this tool is that it is easy to use, and within a couple of minutes, you can implement it in your local system.
    • This tool can support nearly all operating systems available in the market which includes Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.
    • If you own a small organization, then you can use Miradore for free.
    • Miradore has its knowledgebase and community where you could learn and ask the queries.
    • Easy-to-use dashboard where you could simply analyze the devices connected with the tool.


    ManageEngine works with Zoho corporation to provide the best ever solutions regarding MDM.

    ManageEngine provides you multiple and flexible solutions that could be useful in any scenario, irrespective of your organization size.

    So, here are some of the top listed features of this tool:

    • With two factor authentication, you could enroll iOS and Android devices easily.
    • With the help of platform containerization and active exchange synchronization. You can securely manage your organization's corporate email.
    • With ManageEngine, you can also do the audit of mobile devices.

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    Relution is one of its kind solution in the MDM world. Its main objectives include simplifying the client’s major tasks like app lifecycle management, mobile security, and management.

    So, let's discuss some of the key features of this tool:

    • In case of emergency, this tool will send you notification alerts.
    • Information related to each device is available on the Relution MDM portal.
    • With a click, you can easily allocate applications to the respective mobile devices for both groups and individuals.
    • Right now, this application is fully compatible with Android devices.

    Headwind MDM

    This tool is considered to be the most powerful open-source MDM platform among all.

    Moreover, if you are looking for a tool that acts as a corporate shell and useful for your IT team and system administrator’s team, then you should go with this tool.

    Let’s have a look some of the key features of this tool

    • You will get frequent updates of the software.
    • You will also get a custom Android launcher, which you could install on your mobile devices.
    • You will also get access to the bulk configuration of the applications installed on the mobile devices.


    WipeDrive will allow your organization to securely manage its assets and monitor both Android and iOS devices.

    They are also planning to release a compatible version for other operating systems.

    So, here are some of the top listed features of this tool:

    • This tool will allow you to encrypt the data even when the device is locked.
    • You can also set the password policy. Afterward, without admin approval, device owners won’t be able to change the passwords of the devices.
    • With WipeDrive, you will allow setting a rule on enabling or disabling the mobile camera.
    • For mass messaging, you can use the MDM server.


    Here, in this blog, we have presented some of the top open-source mobile device management tools. We hope after reading this blog you will make your mind on the tool to choose as per your business requirements.

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