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    6 Best Open Source Scrum Tools

    6 Best Open Source Scrum Tools

    Why is Scrum Important in Project Management?

    Scrum is one of the most important methodology of the software development environment. One must note that, scrum tools project management comes under the shadow of agile project management.

    One of the biggest pros of adopting scrum management for your organization is that it will allow you to deliver the frequent release of the software.

    It also provides you a lightweight process framework that welcomes constant approaches and incremental practices, which gives an additional boost to the delivery status of your campaigns.

    Scrum is a widely known term in the software development community, which helps your team to achieve software agility. With this approach, your organization can prioritize the work.

    Scrum allows you to collaborate and communicate with the people who are working on the project and the people who need the work to be done.

    By this approach, you can achieve your goals at a pretty decent pace. Along with this, you could increase your business value by ensuring that your customers will get the product as per their demands and needs.

    So, in this part of the blog, we will try to understand some of the best open source scrum management tools which could help you to increase your team’s productivity with achieving your goals on time. You can easily adapt to these open source tools by customizing them according to your needs.

    List of Top Open Source Scrum Management Tools

    6 Best Open Source Scrum Tools
    6 Best Open Source Scrum Tools

    iceScrum : Scrum Tools

    iceScrum is a French-based organization that was founded in 2011. This tool will help you to materialize your vision towards the project.

    Some of the critical features of this tool are mentioned below,

    • It provides you a highly time saver dashboard wherein you can create and plan your stories.
    • These stories are your daily work tracker, which appears on the dashboard with an easy to understand, visual representation.
    • With this tool, you can ensure that your project will meet the deadlines as it provides you milestone planning.
    • Milestone planning is categorized into three parts, to-do, In Progress, and Done. With an easy drag and drop option, you can move your tasks from one section to another (i.e., if your in-progress task is complete, then you can move it to done).
    • They also provide you a graphical representation of your project success rate wherein you can easily track your project pace as well as achieved and future goals.


    If you are looking for a tool that could give you the overall benefits of Agile, Scrum, and Kanban, then opting Taiga would be a good option for you.

    With a very impressive client list, which includes Airbus, Red Hat, HP, and Tata among many others, Taiga has become a popular platform for project management.

    Let’s have a look at the arsenal of Taiga.

    • You can prioritize the tasks and can solve them instantly on the tool itself.
    • It provides you a feature like product backlog where you can work on your task in a sequence without getting distracted.
    • On this platform, you can integrate with 3rd parties for plugins and additional features.
    • Although you can start your projects with the basic features of the tool, and as per your requirements and needs, you can, later on, buy the upgraded model.
    • You can track bugs, issues, and questions related to your product in one click.
    • You can create epics* and under one epic you can create multiple sub epics (Epics are the self-created categories in the tool).
    • Taiga provides its wiki facilities where you can find all necessary information related to the Taiga application.
    • On the Taiga tool, you can create an admin who is responsible for further segregation of the tasks.

    ZenTao : Scrum Tools

    ZenTao is a leading open source project management tool that primarily focuses on software development (SD) project tracking.

    ZenTao is considered as one of the professional open source scrum tools with over 1.4 million active users.

    Let’s have a look at some of the critical features of ZenTao tool.

    • It provides you application lifecycle management where you can track your software from the inception phase to mass rollouts.
    • For product management, they offer stories, planning charts, release trackers, and roadmaps. This is one of the most popular features of the tool because it gives you the freedom to manage and track your project in your way.
    • For routine management, you can create your to-do and task lists along with a bug tracker.
    • They also provide you attendance management where you mark attendance of your resources, including their leaves and overtime.
    • You can import and export data from the tool in excel and word format.
    • ZenTao is also configurable for agile and waterfall methods.


    Enalean is the parent organization of Tuleap. This application is a specialist in handling agile, scrum software development, project designing, V-model, IT services management, and much more.

    Let’s have a look at some of the critical features of ZenTao tool.

    • You can handle both agile and development operations under one application.
    • You can easily track each step of your software lifecycle from product development to testing and prototypes to mass rollouts.
    • One of the crucial features of this tool is that you can interrelate your first step to another. Let’s try to understand this by an example. Suppose a developer found some bugs in the application. In this case, they can mark those bugs in a to-do, under testing, and Tuleap will send a notification to the QA team when they are testing the application.
    • As we all know, software development requires multiple teams, which include the development team, QA (Quality Analyst), BA (Business Analyst), IT operations, etc. So, Tuleap will allow your multiple teams to work in coordination under one tool.
    • It provides you a graphical representation dashboard where you can analyze your performance and make some crucial decisions.


    In recent years, Orangescrum has emerged as one of the top listed project management tools.

    This tool is highly specialized for four industries (IT, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Telecom). OrangeScrum works on four basic methodologies i.e. strategy, planning, execution, and control over the project.

    So let’s have a look at some of the critical features of this free open source scrum tool.

    • This tool is highly capable of resource management. You can allocate resources from one project to another.
    • With the task tracker feature, you can analyze the performance in percentage.
    • You will never miss a bug in your application as OrangeScrum gives you a feature to centralize the bug list.
    • In this application, you can prioritize the bugs.
    • From the dashboard itself, you can create a to-do list under a specific project.
    • You can also track the time a resource spends on a task.
    • You will also receive the daily report of each project in your inbox every day.


    Bitrix24 was launched in 2012. This tool will provide you a collaborative and complete suite of communication between the team as well as with the client.

    Bitrix24 is the only tool in our list that supports customer relations management. It also supports both cloud and on-premises environment.

    So let’s have a look at the key features of this tool.

    • You can install this application on MAC and Windows operating systems.
    • Additionally, it also comes with Android and iOS applications.
    • You can monitor the key performance indicators of the resources on the application itself.
    • Just in one click, you will receive daily reports of projects on your email addresses.
    • It provides you analytics regarding your project performance.
    • If you have any queries regarding the tool, then you can solve it by attending Bitrix24 webinars. They also provide you documentation that acts as a manual of the application.

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